Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When your back is to the wall and there's nowhere to run...


Civilian Overseer said...

Not since the Flight of the Earls has such a pack of useless bastards fled the country. It brings tears to my the eyes, literally.

Colonel, took you eye off the ball with N.Korea didn't you.

vaughan said...

Don't blame the Colonel , it's not his role to watch N.Korea ...he deals with extra terrestial threats...we all know when he deals with earth bound "Problems" he does so only when especially requested and they need someone who if caught they can blame the whole thing on.
In all seriousness though N.Korea just shows how pathetic the Irish media is....everything here now is bitch , moan and complain....how we've lost our sovereignty.... "we're all doomed!"you know things have gone completly over the edge when the Irish Times (Lets face it , the most right on and liberal rag in the country)wrap the green flag round themselves and scream "Is this what the men of 1916 died for!?"
As a nation we love to go over the top , when times were good , everyone said it would never end....Myself and My Wife were laughed at because we would not buy a house simply because we could see that houses were too expensive ( When an ex council house in Ballyfermot is going for 400,000 something is badly wrong)...we were told that "Sure Prices will never fall!"
Now those same eejits are running around saying that we are bankrupt and that as a country we are all "doomed."
Well guess what we're not, the Imf is nothing more than a giant Bank Loan ( A harsh one I grant you but a Loan,) and as a nation we will pay it back...and we will be on our feet within the Decade...yes times will be tough but we will get through....I did not get rich duringg the boom and neither will I be made destitute during the bust.
But what I find heeelarious is that yesterday while our Journalists were listening to Idiots from the Green Party who use the F word in the Dail and plunge country into uncertainty just so they can hold onto their seats and Labour T.D's calling for an election now at the cost of this country just so that they can call themselves the Goverment N.Korea attacked the South....the North is an insane and dying regime desperate to hold onto power , if they go to War they will plunge the Markets and that area of Asia into chaos...( Will they use their Nukes , what happens if China gets Involved or dragged in?) a chaos that will make people here look back at the past two weeks and wish for the good old days of financial crisis.
Ahh if there was only some way the Colonel could just slap the media round the back of the head and say "Cop On!"!

Civilian Overseer said...

Mr.V, simmer down, two things, one, You misunderstand me, I'm critical of all of what is laughably called our political leadership, two, could you possible be a more ardent Fianna Fail supporter?, I bet you have Brian Cowen bedsheets. Go on deny it if you can.

Now on to the two Koreas, you don't consider Kim Jong II to be some sort of bizarre extraterrestrial?

vaughan said...

Civvy I'm not attacking you and I did not misunderstand you ...I am agreeing with you about Irish Politics...As for Fianna Fail , yes I am a fianna fail supporter but (and the Colonel will tell you this) I think Brian Cowen is one of the most useless lumps I have ever seen, the man has zero charisma and one of the worst public personalties to ever haunt the corridors of power, Both he and the entire Fianna Fail Public relations office should be fired immediately...as I have never seen a bunch of morons so useless at their job. Take Newstalk , a couple of weeks ago the george hook show said something about the government was factually incorrect..and dangerously so , I actually rang the Fianna Fail office to say that someone had to correct this falsehood immediately, do you know what they said ? " Ah Fine Gael radio, sure what can we do?".....how about yer f***ing jobs! It was the listeners themselves who ended up correcting hook. Fianna Fail I think need (Like the Tories ) some time in opposition and let Enda (A man who never gave up his teachers pension even though he has not seen the inside of a classroom since the 70's!)and Eammon and his whining Nag of a finance spokesperson see what it's like , let them take the pain , and Fianna Fail will come back into power when it's all over.
The only good thing is I believe this is the end of those self serving idiots of the Green Party, whose call for an election helpedto plunge the country into further crisis.. the sooner these sandal wearing hippies f**k off ( to use their own parlimentary language)the better for us all , as it proved that all those Idiots who put mother earth before humanity are dangerous idiots who don't know anything of real life and should be kept away from anything really important.
As for North Korea, Dangerous Extraterrestial no, Dangerous Lunatic..yes but I gurantee you that if a war begins the same Twats who support the Greens will come out and blame the americans "For Starting the war" even though Kim Jong runs a hereditary dictatorship, China , their only ally are even realising what a lunatic country this is...few people know an entire regiment of chinese soldiers had to be remmoved from border patrol as they threatened to shoot Their North Korean counterparts after seeing what they did to their own people caught trying to get to china...( The N.Koreans slide a meat hook and chain through the wrist of each prisoner linking them together making escape impossible unless they are willing to chop their hand off!) The sooner someone (hint Colonel) puts a bullet between the eyes of Kim Jong and his idiot spoilt shite brat of a son the better for us all!

Former Grunt said...

I dunno Vaughan, Civvy may be onto something.

Remember the climax of Team America: World Police, of the Colonel's top 10 comedies of all time - Kim is actually just the human form of an alien insect? Does the Colonel like that movie because it presents, in a humorous manner, something which may be one day revealed as true - thus softening the blow? [Or he may just like it's blatant anti-French opening].

But if you don't believe me, do you believe the words of South Koreas first president - Kim Young-sam who has used the current event to say Kim Jong Il is "not a human." It's in the very last paragraph here in Time.