Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dredd will "keep helmet on"

During a publicity tour for Red, Karl Urban was asked about another project, namely his forthcoming Judge Dredd movie, now titled "Dredd".

It's obvious that Urban couldn't be more excited to be playing the character, revealing that he has been a long-time fan of the comics. "I first started reading Judge Dredd comics when I was probably about 15, working in a pizza parlour" he explained. "I really responded to the character and the world, so I'm pretty thrilled to be given the opportunity to take this one on."

It also seems that production is on track, with Urban adding "Things are going great - we've got a really great script and we're putting together a really fantastic cast. Pete Travis is directing and we're going to start shooting in about eight weeks in South Africa."

As for the story, it won't be based on any specific comic book plot. "It is kind of based on an amalgamation of stories" he explained. "It's a day-in-the-life of Dredd as he gets to put his rookie - Anderson - through her paces. It's going to be hardcore."
Urban was asked how his Dredd was going to avoid the mistakes made by Sylvester Stallone's flawed but entertaining 1995 version. "I read an interview that Stallone had given, and by his own admission, he said that he felt that his Judge Dredd movie was a missed opportunity. "It's not really for me to voice my opinion as to what didn't work in the movie for me, but I can say that our version is in no way related to that - it's a different beast. "It's going to be much more gritty, much more real - the environment, Mega City One, is going to feel like a real city. It's not going to feel like a Hollywood back-lot. There will be no gold cod-pieces, and we're definitely going to stay faithful to the way that the character was originally conceived and written. He'll keep helmet on."

So there you have it - a real, gritty, violent Judge Dredd movie coming soon.

Source: IGN


Dahar Master said...

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Civilian Overseer said...

Forget Judge Dredd, We want to see Judge Creedon or does Judge Credd sound better?

vaughan said...

No Civillian don't mention the Idea of Judge Creedon to the Colonel.....oh too late!

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Constance said...

No... Judge Credd makes it sound like he knows what he is doing, as in "credibility"...