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The Colonel's Bullets - October 25th 2010

Mel Gibson cut from Hangover 2

Mel Gibson's tattoo artist cameo role in the sequel to comedy hit The Hangover was cut and recast with Liam Neeson after the stars and crew protested to the director and producers.

Gibson is in the middle of a bitter custody dispute with singer OksanaGrigorieva. Voice messages in which he threatened her were made public this summer, and she has accused him of hitting her while she was holding their infant daughter. In light of this the crew and cast led by Zach Galifianakis were adamant that it would hurt the movie to include Gibson.

A source close to Gibson was outraged that the same folks who had no problem resuscitating the career of convicted rapist Mike Tyson couldn't stomach doing the same for Gibson. "It's such hypocrisy. They cast a convicted rapist but 86'd Mel," Gibson's pal told TMZ.

Jean Claude Van Damme's Heart Attack

On Wednesday, Jean Claude TimeCop/Universal Soldier Van Damme was reported to have had a heart attack. reported that the Belgian star was admitted to hospital in New Orleans after suffering a mild heart attack.

Van Damme responded on his own Facebook page: "Hours ago, I read a rumor online about me suffering heart attack!!," he wrote. "Please, do not believe all what you read from rumors on any unofficial JCVD sites. Jean-Claude Van Damme is 100% healthy, training well for taking the fight and sending his fans & friends much love."

TwitchFilm later said its original information came off a Van Damme fan discussion board.

Simon MacCorkindale R.I.P.

Simon MacCorkindale, star of Falcon Crest, Holby City but perhaps best known as Dr. Jonathan Chase in the short lived Manimal died October 14th from cancer at age 58.

After a career in theatre, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, MacCorkindale starred in a variety of films and serials, including Quatermass, Death on the Nile, The Sword and the Sorcerer and Jaws 3-D. Through the rest of 80s and early 1990s, he starred in several television shows and also directed and produced numerous stage and TV productions including Relic Hunter and Queen of Swords. In 2002 he joined the cast of the BBC medical drama Casualty as Harry Harper, remaining in the role for six years.

He lived on and ran an Arabian stud-farm on Exmoor with his wife, British actress Susan George whom he met in 1977 and married in secret in Fiji in October 1984. They had no children.

Randy Quaid and wife officially loose their minds

Independance Day actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi are seeking asylum in Canada, claiming they are being persecuted in the US. The couple were arrested in Vancouver on Thursday on US warrants related to vandalism charges, issued last week after they missed a court appearance. "We feel our lives are in danger," Evi Quaid told an immigration adjudicator. Their lawyer showed the media a handwritten statement, in which the Quaids said they were "requesting asylum from Hollywood 'star whackers'."

Last month the Quaids were charged by US police with illegal occupation of their former home in Santa Barbara, California to which they caused more than $5,000 in damage. When they failed to show up in court to answer those charges last Monday, a warrant was issued for their arrest. The Quaids have been released from custody in Canada and are expected to attend a hearing later in the next week.

At Friday's immigration hearing, Evi Quaid alleged that a number of her husband's actor friends - among them Heath Ledger and David Carradine - had been killed in recent years. "Randy has known eight close friends murdered in odd, strange manners," she said in what the Reuters news agency called a "rambling" presentation. "We feel that we're next."

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