Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tokyo man marries game character

Sometimes a link comes across my desk that I find so bizarre I just have to share it with folk!

Apparently a man in Tokyo who calls himself SAL9000 [I have no explanation for that, so don't ask, it may be an in-game handle] has married his virtual girlfriend from the game Love Plus. The man is reported to have fallen in love with one Nene Anegasaki [if that's not her on the left, then it's one of the other two girls in the game, but you get the idea] one of the games characters whom he then took to Guam for a legal ceremony and honeymoon - or rather he took his Nintendo DS with him as it's on that device on which his "bride" exists.

Love Plus, requires players to take out the virtual girl on dates, buy her gifts and make them happy. The player can increase their abilities by studying, working out and solving the problems of their virtual girlfriend, but if they fail to make their girlfriend happy, the game restarts after 100 days.

SAL9000 livecast the vacation on Japanese video-sharing site Nico Nico Douga and he intends to also livecast the public wedding reception back in Tokyo.

The story broke on Boing Boing.

I'm waiting for some really obvious comments below :)

Source: Grunt / Fox News / Boing Boing


Douglas Kastle said...

Those Japs are crazy.

BTW wasn't SAL9000 the earth bound counterpart to the HAL9000 from 2001 (I think SAL was featured in 2010)

Constance said...

and yet, two gay humans trying to marry each other causes an uproar.

Civilian Overseer said...

Dougie, I can verify that the sons of Nippon are indeed crazy. In 2010 SAL9000 was clearly female.

Unknown said...

I suppose there's no point in asking if she gets animated during sex?? I think the relationship looks good on paper but it just doesn't stand up. There's no real depth to the marriage. It's a bit comical really....and so on and so forth.

She does look kinda hot though...does she have a sister???

Google Name said...

So the picture is on the right of the artile. So when you say on the left,

Do you suggest that you or your online embodyment in the text of the article is looking out at the reader and therefor items are on the page from your perspectuve.

Silicon Avatar said...

Will someone take the matter to the court on 'her' behalf should he later move on?

Civilian Overseer said...

Thats a good point, Sili Ava does his Nintendo DS count as the family home?, if they "divorce" does she get the family home?, does he have to pay alimony to cover such expenses as power supply to the Nintendo DS?, all deep questions. What exactly are the rights of digital persons in an increasingly digital word?.

This does pose a deeper philosophical questions, if digitial persons can legally marry do they have a right to life? In which case is the Colonel guilty of war crimes due to his numerous Tours of Duty in "Medal of Honour" and "Call of Duty"? Indeed, he may be the most prolific mass murderer of our times. Do you hear that Colonel You're Number One!

Capt. Harmon Rabb said...

The most prolific mass murderer of our times? - Yeah! I think I can make it stick!

It's been three years, but I'm back and gunning for you Colonel!!!

Civilian Overseer said...

The Harm strikes back, Yeah!