Monday, September 07, 2009

Stallone's been taking LSD with his Steroids

Sylvester Stallone has revealed to AICN, the true plot line to Rambo 5 and it's most certainly not what Variety published recently...

So basically, Stallone is abandoning the quasi-realistic setting of a clinically disturbed Vietnam vet surviving in the world which made the character what he is and is doing his version of John Carpenter's The Thing melded with a story from G.I.Joe: Frontline.

This is insanity of the highest order and probably the riskiest move a studio could take with an established character that they don't intend to push straight to DVD.

Hell, it just might work...

Source: AICN

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Civilian Overseer said...

Hell, what I want to know is, when are We going to see Whopper Vs Rambo, the "slashening"!, now theres a movie I paid good money to see.