Sunday, September 27, 2009

Iran's Second Nuke Site

By now, everyone will have heard that the whistle has been blown on Iran having a 2nd Nuke site. Apparently they blew it themselves and revealed it to everyone because they were under the impression that the site had been infiltrated by Western intelligence agencies and it's existence would be revealed at the G-20 economic summit in Pittsburgh for maximum impact.

A US official revealed Washington knew of the new Iranian nuclear facility since the Bush administration but wanted to make sure of the intelligence on the facility before revealing its existence. Most likely to avoid the backlash from acting on "non-human intel" which suggested Saddam Hussein's WMDs in Iraq. Additionally Washington was waiting for the facility to be further along in its development before making its existence known, so it would be more of a "slam dunk case." The official went on to say there were no plans to make the information known this week or even at next week's P5+1 meeting on Iran. The speculation is that when Iran became aware that the West know of the plant, they made the tactical decision to make the plant public to try and get ahead of Western adversaries.

But there did the intelligence come from....?

Well obviously the official report is highly classified but it has been referred to by a host of officials in the US while giving press statements Friday. The following lines were referred to by one anonymous individual but parts have been redacted.

... under the direction of the CIA's Special Operations Group ... team, consisting of Gunnery Sergeant Tyler, Marine Force Recon, Senior Chief Petty Officer Samuels, Navy SEAL and commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Creedon ... in total darkness ... a HALO drop into Namak Lake in the Kavir National Park, approximately 70 miles South East from target ... at 05:30 began a 4 day trek ... to minimize contact with indigenous peoples ... buried the goat shepard in the foothill ... 80 high resolution photographs and sound recordings of the ... separate routes ... Creedon made it safely to Halabjah, Iraq on the night of ... other personnel are uncertain and are missing presumed dead ...

Source: Fox News, CNN, NBC, Sky News, BBC, Wired, The Guardian


vaughan said...

"Other personell are missing presumed dead!"
Good Grief Colonel not again!

Civilian Overseer said...

The Colonel had no choice, it was that or leave them behind and the Colonel never leaves a man behind. He did what he had to do... No Witnesses.