Monday, April 27, 2009

Why is the US still in Iraq? - Here's the answer:

Any god-damn raghead with a pair stones is lying dead in a shallow hole for being stupid enough to resist the unstoppable onslaught of the US of A [yes I do respect a man that'll actually be brave enough to point an AK in my direction - before I "pacify" him with 5.56mm NATO].

Unfortunately with most of those dead, blinded or crippled, all the Iraqi people will have left to take care of them [once Obama pulls out all the troops] are the hajis who were just too chicken-shit to either defend their country in the first place or stand up to Saddam - that's why they're still alive, but it's hardly a solid force to be used to provide law, order and protection to a country.

Time is running out and while some progress has been made, there's still a lot to go. Sadly, the methods used under the Bush administration are a thing of the past - it's all peace and love now, but one Army officer has made the news headlines by taking the kid-gloves off and telling the Iraqi police like it is.

These people respond to being shamed - short of shooting them, this may be a good motivation tool to get them to stop being pussies and cop the fuck on! Sadly he's likely to be severely reprimanded and given a desk job rather than getting a medal and promoted to General - but I'll take him for UNETIDA any day!

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Anonymous said...

Now that is Oscar material there.

Bravo Zulu to that Soldier.