Thursday, August 07, 2008

Chris DeBurgh to play in Iran!

A source heard on the radio the other day that talentless twat Chris deBurgh will be playing in Iran!

This is no doubt part of deBurgh's worrying relationship with Iranian artists Arian with whom he recorded a song in English and Farsi recently.

Nevertheless, this is an excellent cover and I should have little trouble joining Chris' crew as a roadie and do some "sight-seeing."

Source: Darth Harrington


Anonymous said...

I said Chris De Burgh you twat.
Even though he is so small,he might actually fit into that box you are holding!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hang on Chris de burgh?!??!!? I was about to type a rant on what hypocrisy it would be if Christy went to Iran but if it's Chris De Burgh , what's he going to play?, "Spaceman" which claims the Christian messiah was an Alien? Lady in red in which he declares how lovely his wife looks as she dances with other men?? Or how about Patricia the stripper? This could go very very wrong for Chris and yet so very right for the rest of the country and the Irish Music industry....

p.s By the way Colonel I know you have a sense of duty , but cmon man no one will expect you to go on tour with De Burgh ,I mean that's just crazy

Major General Creedon said...

@ Payback Force: It sounds exactly the same when you have headphones on. Screw you anyway- your game didn't come today either. Victory is mine!

@ Vaughan: There is nothing I wouldn't do in the defence of freedom.

Anonymous said...

Victory you may have Lt.Col.
But it is a shallow one,The burning question you have to ask yourself is CAN FAT TEENS HUNT!!!!!!

Major General Creedon said...

We may never know. Unless we watch the rest of the series.