Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Wild Geese Fly Again

One of my favourite movies, the 1978 The Wild Geese will be remade by Gianni Nunnari's Hollywood Gang Prods., the same outfit behind 300 and the in-development Frank Miller graphic novel-to-film Ronin.

Rupert Sanders will direct. Warner Bros. may be the studio behind the project. Euan Lloyd and Craig J. Flores will serve as exec producers.

The original film starred Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Roger Moore and Hardy Kr├╝ger as British mercenaries who are hired to liberate an incarcerated African ruler Julius Limbani. Things get hairy for the mercs once they're in the bush.

"It has it all: great characters, action, plot twists and revenge," Sanders said. "We are making a tough film, taking ex-British soldiers from the murky London underworld to the battlefields in Africa."

I just hope they keep the same script:
Col. Faulkner: I'm dry when I work.
Matheson: Yes, so I've heard.
Col. Faulkner: There's a separate clause in my contract that says my liver is to be buried separately with honors.
Matheson: I'm not a very humorous man.
Col. Faulkner: So I've noticed.

Source: Variety


Declan said...

My bet is once the Studio execs get to suggest some "minor" changes it will be rescripted to be about ex-American soldiers, be moved into the middle east or possibly Asia and will include one ex-rap-star, possibly female, in the cast.

Any word on cast? I'd guess the early briefing notes list Bruce Willis, at least one from the cast of Band of Brothers and a token English actor (Vinnie Jones?) in a "nod to the original".

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

One can only wait in fear for the moment Dec.

Anonymous said...

I would be excited about this, but I love the original. IF they really do a straight remake with no outrageous stunts and some of the major characters do still die, well maybe. But look what they did to the Italian Job...