Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

It's quite obvious with the dedication to the R-rating (or 18 Cert) by the Strauss Brothers, the directors of the sequel to the so-so Aliens vs. Predator movie, that any misgivings about this being another "sanitised" battle between the warrior Predators and their lethal fearsome prey, the Aliens are laid to rest.

At least in this movie we'll finally get to see a true Predalien fight (pictured). A Predalien is an Alien borne from a Predator.

Hopefully it will be a more simplistic plot than last time (no sense in screwing up a movie like this with some sort of explanation is there?) as we all know the Predators seed the planet with Aliens and then hunt them. I'm sure most of the time it works out pretty well on other planets but when Earth is involved you have a load of humans (the stupid kind who walk around in dim light without adequate military support) thrown into the mix as well and there's all sorts of screaming, blood and death everywhere.

Well there wasn't enough blood last time round but there's more screaming, blood and death in this fuckin' 2 minute trailer then there was in the original film in it's entirety and this time it looks like there is military support; Hoo-Yah!

It makes me salivate for what's in the movie.

AvP2s IMDB Page and Wikipedia Entry.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait :)) the last one was very disappointing and only resides in my collection because, well it's predator :)