Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thunder Chickens Deployed

The USMC has finally deployed the first combat squadron of V-22 Ospreys to Iraq.

Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 263 better known as "The Thunder Chickens" with 10 Ospreys left Monday from New River Air Station aboard the USS Wasp. In April, the Commandant, General Conway said the squadron would deploy to Al-Asad Airfield, the second largest air base in Iraq.

The military plans to eventually operate 458 Ospreys, with 360 for the Marine Corps and the others used by the Navy and Air Force, said Major Eric Dent. Of the negative press and teething problems of the revolutionary aircraft he added "Since it resumed full flight operations more than six years ago, aircrews have logged more than 27,000 safe flight hours."

Lt. Colonel Creedon said of the Thunder Chickens' and the Osprey's deployment "Was there ever any doubt?"



Anonymous said...

Thunder-chickens Ho!

Anonymous said...

Thats where the funding for Prjoect Maxximus came from.