Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Whopper Awards 2006 - Part 9

Today we honour the finished work of those professionals who work in a studio's advertising department to produce fantastic trailers for films, tv shows and games which goad you into choosing their production over anything else. The first category is for full trailers (some of which may have been produced in the preceeding year) for productions released in 2006. The second category is for the shorter teaser trailers (which are released before the main trailers) for productions to be released in 2007.

he Nominees For Best Trailer representing a 2006 release:
Superman Returns
Mission Impossible III
Miami Vice
Casino Royale

The fantastic trailer for Superman Returns was successful in that it fooled us all and brought so many unwitting lambs to the slaughter- me included, sob! The winner however goes to the best produced trailer which most represented the production it was advertising, the full trailer for Miami Vice.

The Nominees For Best Teaser Trailer of 2006:
The Simpsons Movie
Hot Fuzz
Spider-Man 3

I've only recently stopped laughing at the Hot Fuzz teasers but the Whopper goes to the Transformers teaser featuring the Beagle was something I had been waiting for for so long, I almost cried with joy.

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