Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Whopper Awards 2006 - Part 6

The Nominees For Best Director of 2006:
J.J. Abrams (Mission: Impossible III)
Michael Mann (Miami Vice)
Martin Scorsese (The Departed)
Steven Speilberg (Munich)

As Mike Bay had no film this year the decision of best director was somewhat difficult. J.J. Abrams proves he's at the top of his game with M:I III, Mike Mann resurrected Crockett and Tubbs for the big screen and made it work in the 21st century and Martin Scorcese brought a solid cast for his tale of the Irish mafia vs the law in Boston. However this year, forgiven for the turgid shit that was War Of The Worlds; Steven Speilberg deserves the award for his perfectly crafted vision of the story of what happened after Black September, the murder of the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics.

The Nominees For Best Writing of 2006:
Zach Helm (Stranger than Fiction)
William Monaghan (The Departed)
Richard Linklater (A Scanner Darkly)
Russell Gewirtz (Inside Man)

Story and dialogue I'll admit aren't the main reasons I watch movies. If I was to rate what element of production is least interesting in it would probably be writing. No one ever remembers who writes a film, no one upon finding out that a film is being made asks "who's writing that?". The only recognition a writer gets is if something says: "from the writer of Such and Such". A book needs writing but a movie just needs producing, direction, acting, special effects, score and a poster. However some movies are better than others if they have all these things but are also well written. The Nominees here are just 4 examples from this year's productions. Zach Helm is a writer whose name may be forgotten once you read the next award but nontheless the winner of this years Whopper for crafting a unique, slightly-surreal mixture of comedy and tragedy with Stranger Than Fiction.

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