Tuesday, October 10, 2006

North Korea creates own membership card to the Nuclear Club

Kim Jong Il has effectively slapped the major regional and world powers engaged in six-party talks intended to prevent North Korea testing nuclear weapons by allegedly detonating one of the bloody things deep underground.

Pyongyang's claim that a device had been detonated could not be actually 100% confirmed, but seismologists in the Asian region did measure activity associated with an underground explosion, but not believed large enough to be a nuclear device.

Naturally, and rightly so, the entire world has reacted as if the North Korean claim is valid. Unusually, The US, Russia and China have all come together to condemn the madman Kim Jong Il's nuclear posturing as an irresponsible and dangerous act which is a global threat to peace. The United Nations Security Council is expected to impose harsh sanctions against North Korea as early as next week which will effectively end trade in arms and luxury items with the totalitarian state.

Now, what to do about one of the most dangerous regimes on the planet, a state-sponsor of terror that has expressed a willingness to sell its nuclear technology to those with the cash to buy it and now it seems the balls to go testing WMD's...

What we can't going to do is ignore it anymore, we need to approach the danger posed by a nuclear-armed North Korea as though it constitutes a mortal peril to American strategic interests in Asia and the danger it poses to the world. The idea that a regime that has permitted some two million of its own people to starve to death will better treat others is fucking nuts.

Long-term, we need now to hold accountable those responsible for the North Korean nukes. China has been playing a double game for years. Without Beijing's military technology, financial support, strategic protection and food and energy lifelines, Kim Jong-Il's regime would have been toast long ago and its people likely reunited with prosperous South Korea.

More recently, Iran has been an enabler of North Korea's nuclear and missile programs in return for oil. Pyongyang has been trading mass destruction and delivery systems to Tehran in exchange for energy supplies and, presumably, cash. This has helped lubricate Kim's steady progress towards ever-longer-range missiles and his acquisition of weapons to go on them. It has also greatly shortened the length of time it is taking Iran, the other charter member of the Axis of Evil, to get up the learning curve in both areas.

This activity can no longer be either ignored or tolerated. We must now adopt the strategy Reagan employed to destroy the Soviet Union: A campaign aimed at cutting off the funding to, neutralizing the threat from and de-legitimating a hostile regime.

Colonel Creedon himself appeared on FOX News late last night to echo condemnation for North Korea's test and issued a personal challenge to Kim to meet him in the centre of the Korean demilitarized zone to duke it out, Marine against Midget.


Anonymous said...

intersting...for once this left wing free thinker agrees with the right wing neo nuts!, any comments on the Suberb piece of film making that was 'Death Of a President' shown on More 4 last night(9/10/06) ? (note: as I type the FBI/CIA are scanning my emails, listening to my phone calls, and thinking I'm 72 year old terror mastermind living in the Afgani mountains)

Anonymous said...

Actually China will probably end up sorting out North Korea , Chinese border troops have been complaining to their high command of the lack of human rights (The Irony)with which returned N Korean refugees caught on the border are treated by N Korean troops ( before being taken away it seems according to red army reports, the North Koreans don't bother with handcuffs instead they simply chain people together with a sharpened cable which is inserted by being pushed through the soft part of the hand at the point between the thumb and forefinger and are then pulled along)
put on top of that the fact that millions of forged U.S Dollars that are printed by N Korea are flooding China and that North Korean troops are raiding border towns robbing Banks and hotels ending in gun battles between the Peoples liberation Army and North Korean soldiers ( a chinese officer was killed last week in one such battle while preventing a bank robbery)this has resulted in prehaps one of the biggest signs of trouble looming , the chinese have stopped all travel to N Korea while extra troops have been posted to the border.
I'll field the answer to second part of the question on the Colonels Behalf if I may ,as I suspect I think I know what he would think of it .
Saw Death Of a President last night My opinion "WHAT A LOAD OF OLD BOLLOCKS!!!" As the Colonel will tell you I am of the centre in my politics believing both Left and right to be correct in some aspects and wrong in others but this!?!?!? This was just a liberal Fanwank ( see the president dying , see the poor Arab being crushed like a butterfly upon the wheel of cruel justice, see how it is an African American soldier who actually killed the president because he does not believe in the war) Good grief why don't they just throw in a baby going down a stairs in the middle of a gun battle, it was poor story telling ( I say this as a film maker!) a waste of time and effort , this was nothing more than a piece of propaganda , only those leaning to the left as unwilling as those in the right to listen to the other sides arguement would find this entertaining but to me as I suspect most people its just boring badly told Propaganda and bad propaganda is the most worthless thing of all!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Anonymous: No comment on such excrement. See Vaughan's answer.
Actually the FBI/CIA/NSA/CSS etc think you're a milking machine salesman in Co.Kerry- you sure fooled them eh?

@ Vaughan: China has ruled out military action today, but a mainland-controlled Hong Kong newspaper, Wen Wei Po, reported that China had cancelled leave for troops along at least part of its border with North Korea and that some were conducting "anti-chemical" training exercises.

Anonymous said...

I think it's obvious that the Colonel is covering this to distract people from his current failings which are under investigation. He, like Rummy (whose resignation was called for only days ago), is obviously a little too delighted with this turn in world affairs...

Anonymous said...

Colonel, I don't believe either Russia, or China, will agree to severe sanctions on NK. There are 23 million totally starving, totally brainwashed peasants in NK, and whilst China may supply most of NK needs, the last thing it wants right now is the implosion of NK and millions of brainwashed surging across the border. They may like to go south, across the DMZ, but there are a minimum 200,000 NK artilliary pieces pointing south which would be used on them by their own military. What China should want is regime change, for a more pliable, (friendly to China) representative. The "Great Leaders" son has lived in exile in China for a few years, since he "fell out"with his old man. He would be Chinas choice. China still needs a long, slow game, but probably realizes that time is now short. The test itself was probably a "failure", - the strength was too low. A failure in engineering quality work caused a fizzle rather than a KABOOM! But the NK will have learnt from it.
NK is an economic black hole for China, whilst the world expects the US to act as the worlds policeman, while the rest, particularly the Europeans whine and moan about the US behind its back, having sheltered under their nuclear shield for the entire cold war. Makes me puke!
China for their part, are Guilty, and the world should hold them to account. Economics is the answer, as it was in the cold-war. A further drain on China could be tried, by helping Japan go nuclear, under their new, nationalistic ruler, beyond the eigis armaments mentioned in a previous message. With the engineering abilities of Japan, they could probably sort it in 2 years. Similarly Taiwan, who seeks freedom from aggressions of the mainland could be helped with more aggressive defence arrangements. Matching these, after the initial shouting and complaining, would be a further drain on Chinese resources. China is supplying armament technologies arround the globe, but not in her own corner, maybe we should restore the balance.
There are four reasons for China not backing naval interception
1) The aforesaid
2) Fear of NK war
3)cause economic cost to US policeman
4) Chinese technology would be found in armaments
There are three reasons for Russia not backing naval interception
1)Fear of NK war
2)Cause economic cost to US policeman
3)Russian technology would be found in armaments.
Meanwhile in an adjacent area
The naval exercise to be held by US, Bahrain and allies later this month brings a massive concentration of American naval, air and marine might to the Persian Gulf. US officials said the exercise starting Oct. 31 will practice interdicting ships carrying weapons of mass destruction and missiles.
US naval, air and marine forces are massing in the Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman and eastern Mediterranean opposite Lebanon and Syria. The big USS Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group arrives by Oct. 21. Facing these are Iranian Revolutionary Guards naval, air and marine units together with the Iranian armed forces on full war preparedness
The US announcement came as the US and other powers discussed sanctions on North Korea, including searching its ships following Monday’s nuclear test. It followed shortly after they also agreed on a Security Council session next week to discuss imposing sanctions on Iran.

The US spokesman said the exercise, in which Bahrain, Kuwait, France, Britain, Canada and others will take part, will demonstrate “our resolve and readiness to act” against nuclear proliferation. South Korea will be an observer. Clearly the Bush administration has more forceful “repercussions” in mind for Iran than diplomacy.

My guess is that Iran will respond to the demonstrative exercise, the massing of US forces around its shores and the threat of UN sanctions, by a counter-stroke that raises tensions in the region and involves Iraq and/or the countries on Israel’s border – Lebanon and Syria.

Now my guess would be something happening in the Eastern Med.
During August, US communications experts were in Israel, dealing with problems of Russian technology enabling Hezbullah to listen in on Israeli battle field and strategic communications. I have to assume that this situation was rectified because late in September/early october two Russian Chechen GRU platoons, Vostok and Zapad, were setting up their headquarters and surveillance posts in the Lebanese port of Sidon and giving Syrian intelligence a window on their input. Syria is drumming up local support in the strategic port-town, the largest in S. Lebanon, by pumping weapons to local branches of the two Shiite groups, Hizballah and Amal, and the two pro-Syrian clans which dominate the town.
The carve-up of South Lebanon since Israeli troops pulled out is unfolding as follows: The UN force mandated by UN Security Council resolution 1701 is centred in the Tyre region, whereas Hizballah, Syria’s supporters and the Russian intelligence platoons have taken control of Sidon further up the Mediterranean coast. The three elements are ideally positioned for Hizballah to control the south Lebanese coastal region and for the Russians and Syrians to keep track of the military movements of the Israeli army, UNIFIL and the European naval units off the Lebanese shore.
Senior Israeli officers said that the takeover of parts of Sidon by Hizballah and Syrian intelligence - plus a Russian intelligence presence – places the security of northern Israel in extreme danger.
After lagging behind Hizballah for years, Amal, the Shiite movement headed by the Lebanese parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, is now being rewarded for backing Hizballah in the war with new weapons and training by Syrian and Iranian instructors in civilian dress. Arms are also being lavished on the powerful and wealthy South Lebanese Bizeri and Saad clans which oppose the anti-Syrian Saad Hariri, whose father Rafiq Hariri was murdered in February 2005.
Hizballah’s domination of Sidon, backed up by Russian and Syrian intelligence, is a blow which virtually wipes out any advantages Israel gained from the Lebanon war. It transforms UNIFIL and the Lebanese army into a buffer that sterilizes the Syrian-Russian effort to rebuild Hizballah’s military strength and intelligence capabilities.

What I find most astonishing is the Israeli government and army’s passivity in the face of this gathering security deterioration. Russia, as one of five permanant UN vetoe carrying members was a signatory to 1701. These actions add up to several blatant violations of the letter and spirit of Resolution 1701, which incidently was also undermined by the criminal actions of Kofi Annan on his mid east tour a few weeks ago.
I just don't understand the Russian moves of the last 5/6 years. It seems Putin is taking back all the gains in peace, since the Berlin wall came down. The Ruskies have become sugar daddies to Iran and Syria, and their proxies, and they are selling aircraft, thrust vectoring technology, rocket technology, and most everything else to the Chinese
BUT, note that the head of Israeli forces, Dan Halutz, is not army, but AIRFORCE, and Israel has established a high ranking task force to "monitor and make reccommendations on the Iranian problem".
My take is that the shit will hit the fan pretty soon, or it's gonna take a lot of dealing to prevent it!!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I missed this
The Muslim commandoes of the Vostok (East) and Zapad (West) battalions of the Russian Army’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) are being sent to guard the 150 Russian military engineers who arrived in Beirut two weeks ago to restore the roads in Lebanon damaged by Israeli bombing.
Moscow did not consult Israel before stationing MUSLIM CHECHEN troops on its border for the first time.
Russian defense minister Sergei Ivanov said openly to Russian media that the deployment of former rebel Chechen troops in Lebanon aimed at “improving Moscow’s image in the Arab and Muslim world.” The Russian units are operating independently of the largely-European UN peacekeeping force. Their vehicles fly Russian and Lebanese flags. UNIFIL too was taken by surprise by the posting of Chechen troops to Lebanon. Lebanese prime minister Fouad Siniora was informed but omitted to notify Washington, Paris, Berlin, Rome or the UN.
The Kremlin’s rationale for making Russia the first nation to deploy a Muslim contingent in South Lebanon - albeit outside the UN force – is part of a hard-hitting foreign and domestic policy initiative.
1. The Putin administration wants to demonstrate to Russia’s teeming Muslim community its willingness to step into Middle East conflicts – on behalf of the Muslim-Arab interest. This indicates the Kremlin’s orientation on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.
2. Moscow is building another bridge to Tehran through a joint, potentially interactive presence in Lebanon.
3. As a step to promote cooperation with Hezbullah, with whom the Chechens, with their long record of extremist Muslim terrorist action against the Russian army, have much in common – in contrast to the European contingents of UNIFIL.
4. The Russian Chechen unit’s cooperation with Hizballah in the parts of Lebanon under its control will pave the way for a RUSSIAN MUSLIM military presence north of Israel which is independent of the UN and not bound by accords to which Israel is a party.
the Israeli government and IDF high command were taken aback by the Russian step, which lends a DANGEROUS aspect to the international deployment on its northern border. When it signed off onto UN Security Council resolution 1701, Israel never envisaged the measure would open the door for Russian military intelligence to step in and camp on its border, using former Muslim terrorists involved in organized crime.
The Chechen Vostok and Zapad battalions are part of the 42nd Motorized Rifle Division that is permanently deployed in Chechnya, in charge of the eastern and western regions. The Zapad battalion is led by Major Said-Magomed Kakiev, the Vostok’s commander is the former rebel Sulim Yamadaev.
This same Yamadaev, the former Chechen rebel commander who won an amnesty and the Hero of Russia award in 2004, is alleged by the Russian media to have lead the robbery of the Samson-K meat-processing plant in St. Petersburg on September 15. He and up to 40 of his armed men stayed in the city’s Nevsky Palace Hotel, one of the most opulent in Europe, where he was seen embracing the leader of the local organized crime gang, Vladimir Kumarin.
Gee whizz, the shit and the fan just got bigger.

Anonymous said...

Seeker, did you mean to say the World is fucked?