Monday, October 02, 2006

The Hoff In Ireland! - Knight Rider details revealed!

The Hoff himself travelled to Ireland at the weekend to promote his book. His publicity tour included an appearence on the usually bland Tubridy Tonight show on RTE1. The Hoff revealed that he was not yet used to referring to his Ex-Wife as "Ex-Wife" and that the Knight Rider movie in development may feature him as a "Daddy" Michael Knight passing the baton to a "Son" character.

The "worlds most watched TV star" (according to the Guinness Book Of Records) was "persuaded" to sing a song before leaving. He sang Joe Cocker's Unchain My Heart to a boisterous crowd littered with about a dozen girls wearing various Hoff T-shirts. Apparently he signed his book at a number of Dublin locations before returning home.


Unknown said...

And he was clearly on drugs all through to interview and unable to hold his concetration for more than thirty seconds

Anonymous said...

Yeah but the best performers are on drugs most of the time. You can't say he's not a showman.

I'm off to download his song now.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Cubaboy: Yeah, and that was Tubridy like a love-struck puppy. Hasselhoff probably had a snort of something and washed it down with a deuce of steamin' meanies before stepping on stage.

@ Grunt: Yeah you do that you fuckin' freak. Just be sure you download it from a legitimate source and pay for it. I wouldn't like to see the Hoff loose out in any mula since his Ex-Wife is gone with half of his life.