Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Colonel In Crisis: Part II - The Article 32 hearing

I've been busy reading (yes reading) up on my military law for the past few days, so sorry about the absence. For those of you interested: Capt. Rabb has posted the proceedings of the Article 32 hearing here, apparently there was too much information removed from the transcripts to make any sense, but rest assured that full transcripts of the trial proceedings will be made available afterwards.

I'm pleased enough that 4 of the 6 charges in total have been dropped leaving only the Article 92 and 99 charges. The 92 can be dealt with easily enough but the 99 carries a greater penalty and I'll be fighting that to the death- literally.
Next session is during the week, I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

As it takes two to tango, I wonder if the Colonel could be convicted of deviant sexual acts while actually in serving time? Who is to say that he didn't "order" those large men to tie him up like that? Inmates can be coached and offered freedom for certain "services".

Capt. Harmon Rabb said...

Order them to do it? Ha! I'm going to break him so that he won't be able to order a pizza!

Anonymous said...

You go get'im Navy-boy!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

*sigh* We'll say for arguments sake that I will be "sent down". It's clear from all your comments in recent threads, that you all exist in the blissful ignorance that a special Marine Corps Brig exists at Camp Pendleton California for detaining short-term sentenced prisoners, or worst-case-scenario 7-years or more "lifers" are sent to Leavenworth, and that these service institutions are populated by sexually deviant, crazed armed-forces personnel who only have buggery on their minds, even though 97% of them (according to Dec '05 statistics) are there for possession of mild drugs, being A.W.O.L., petty theft, or countless white-collar crimes as opposed to rape and sodomy?

It's also quite obvious that none of you have had the pleasure of seeing The Last Castle (Colonel Creedon rating: *****) with Bob Redford and James Galdolfini - it's more likely that what happens General Irwin in that film would be what happens me, i.e. The Warden wouldn't be able to hide his admiration towards such highly decorated and experienced marine as I. I may be stripped of rank, but not of fame and I'd get cigars, steak and use of a PC to update this for all of you :) This deep hero-worship admiration for me would undoubtedly extend to the prison population as well so Even if I wasn't FORCE RECON (and couldn't kill someone with my thumb in the time it takes a man to sneeze) the aforementioned 97% of inmates would give their lives to protect my "exit only" ass from the remaining sexual deviant 3%.