Friday, July 25, 2008

Bellerophron Dead - Blogging Suspended

Bellerophron, my Internet Workstation has suffered a catastrophic system failure and no longer functions.

Until such time as a replacement is configured all posting is suspended.

If anyone knows a solution to:

BIOS ROM checksum error

Detecting floppy drive A media...
Drive A error. System halt

when the system boots up I'm open to suggestions. I'll post my already attempted solutions in the comments.


Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

1. Motherboard Battery replaced
2. CMOS cleared
3. BIOS updated / flashed
4. Floppy drive installed (there was none in original configuration and floppy was disabled in BIOS config)
5. Replaced Floppy drive and floppy cables.

sith apologist said...

Proposed Solution:

1. Open Bellerephon casing.
2. Insert Kango hammer.
3. Activate for 45-60 seconds.
4. Repair floor under Bellerephon casing.
5. Buy new internet workstation.

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

Indeed, that has been my conclusion this morning too. It had always been like the USS Defiant from DS9 - overgunned and under powered.
To be honest, it never worked as well following the time you overheated it loading up 20 Unreal Tournament mods and playing like some possessed ninja on steroids! :D
Time to return to Komplett and initiate Project: Cerberus.

Bruce Russell said...

As your attorney, my advice is to drink heavily.

sith apologist said...

Don't worry, Bruce.
The Lt.Col will be sending the PC formerly-known-as Bellerephon down the Lee in a small boat, Viking style. The JD kicks in shortly after the flames rise.

Bruce Russell said...

If you need something to do in the interim. I suggest reading abook called "In The Woods" by the Irish novelist Tana French. Great stuff.

Bruce Russell said...

a book*

Payback Force said...

I told you my revenge would be swift.
That's what you get for putting Barry's pic on your blog.

sith apologist said...

I've looked at the obituary on VerTecX21, and am confused.
I remember Orion and Magnus, but what is this "Imperium" of which you speak? You ret-conning 'Control'?
Also, what of Paladin & Centurion?
And I've got a suspicion that Cerberus has been used as a name before ...

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

Imperium was the original share name for Control's C-Drive on the network now known as VerTecXneT. Foollowing the commission of Orion, Control was directly interfaced with less and less until the only time I accessed it was remotely but I connected to "Imperium" as that was the share. So the name stuck and when I upgraded the network I renamed Control to Imperium.

Centurion was my Deskjet 660 and Paladin is my Deskjet 710 which replaced it.

I used to use Cerberus as a share name for my Iomega Zip drive. You knowledge of my network and technology is disconcerting.