Thursday, July 03, 2008

Diablo III Controversy

All is not well in the world of Diablo III! Following my intal announcement earlier and after reviewing the gameplay footage myself, I see that there has been some strange changes to the world of Diablo and I'm not alone; Thousands of fans think it's a bit too bright and cartooney for most peoples tastes. Already, they have organised an online petition to encourage Blizzard to return to the more adult-oriented dark and gothic atmosphere and away from the cartoonish and coloured lighting of World Of Warcraft.

The petition contains links to screenshots from the game as they have been released and also photoshop edited versions more in keeping with the style of the original games as seen in the picture on the right.

Diablo III's lead producer Keith Lee has responded saying: "One of the things that we considered when we were working on the visuals for Diablo III is the fact that colour is your friend," he said to MTV. Despite justifying the changes, Lee did say that Blizzard would listen to fan response. "We spend a lot of time actually iterating on the game, and so in terms of the next phase, what we'll try to do is a proof on concept on lot of different gameplay aspects."

I myself agree with the demand for more realistic art but I think a demand for abolishing coloured lighting is a little too much, it's hardly gaudy and neon. I think people who want a less colour-saturated world can simply adjust their display settings. Nevertheless, in order to be sure that Blizzard make some changes, your voice must be heard, go to the petition now and help evil rise again!!! (So that I can vanquish it).



Anonymous said...

You know the Diablo game series is beginning to sound a lot like the Highlander movie francise, the first ones where great, the sequels where decidingly less so.

Ciaran said...

It's the quiet ones you have to watch! When are you getting your arse up here to fill me in. The bro was telling about the wedding.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Civvy: Diablo II was as well received as Diablo if not more so, it was successful because it didn't interfere with the essence of the original and is still played today (most likely due to no successor), Blizzard (unlike even God's Lucasarts) hasn't made a shit game since their success with WarCraft 2. WarCraft 3 wasn't was people hoped, yes but it was still Blizzard, and better than most of it's ilk, but they interfered with WarCraft's esscence then and it cost them. WOW obviously is the largest and most popular MMO in western civilization so they may think that introducing elements for what must be a magnificent game into Diablo III is the way forward, but I hope not.

@ Ciaran: Dammit! Why did you have yo use your name? You should have called yourself "Colonel Smith" or something, now people who know my name will be confused. You have to ruin everything!! Bloody Jackeens!!

Sorry to answer your question? Hopefully before September. I have a video of Kitty singing that you just must see!

Anonymous said...

Lt.Col, why don't you and Blizzard get a room?

Lt.Col, "wedding?!", in the quiet words of the Virgin Mary, Come again?

Anonymous said...

Civvy, what kind of an overseer are you that doesn't keep tabs on the colonel?

Anonymous said...

Connie a very, very lazy one.

andy kehoe said...

Blizzard should have a slider in the options menu... like they do with brightness but for saturation. so the dark lovers can have their dark and moody environments and the lovers of color can have their saturated bliss.