Sunday, July 20, 2008

Congratulations Barry & Maggie

My good friend Barry demanded that a wedding photo I took Friday appeared on this blog, just so he could "get one over" on Darth Harrington who regularly supplies me with content.


Anonymous said...

I always thought your blog was full with useful information.And since i wasnt on it for a few days,id said id have a quick look to see what wonders you had put on your blog today.Then to my utter HORROR i discover that my arch enemy Barry!!! has a bloody photo of his wedding on it.The fact that he begged you to put it on is pathetic,and your are worse for listening to him,Well i hope you are happy,You have lost yourself a fan Lt.Col,i will have to find another blog where i can pass on my news stories,and feel appreciated and wanted.OVER AND MOST DEFINATELY OUT

Bruce Russell said...

Good for those two crazy kids! Marriage is a wonderful institution, if you don't mind being institionalized! I hope those two have at least a fraction of the happiness my bride and I share.