Thursday, May 16, 2013

I bought this for a dollar!

The RoboCop statue which I have personally partially crowdfunded through Kickstarter has reached a milestone in it's completion. Since the statue to be erected in Detroit achieved it's funding in March 2011, Fred Barton sculpted the cyborg which was 3D scanned and enlarged. Then it was physically fabricated and has now been assembled in foam, wax, clay and steel, standing 10-feet-tall.

Next it will be cast in bronze from this for it's final form. See more photos here.

Sadly the near-dystopian future Paul Verhoeven envisioned for Detroit in 1987 is almost a reality with the city itself insolvent due to decline in the car industry it was famous for, as well as mismanagement and corruption. Forbes named it the most miserable city in the US with 18% unemployment, a third of residents living in poverty and staggeringly high crime rates.

A damning report was published on Monday by bankruptcy attorney Kevyn Orr, appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder to handle the ailing city's finances.


vaughan said...

You must be so proud???

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

I am. There is perhaps no greater symbol of justice in the world, save for a Dredd statue.