Friday, November 02, 2012

Everything’s going to be alright

The Disney Corporation has had very few successful original ideas in the past 20 years. They fail epically when left to their own devices, but when dealing with the established franchises created by the likes of Pixar and Marvel, who both retain a measure of creative control, it’s obvious that great magic can be woven.

Case in point, The Avengers was languishing in limbo for years but it must be acknowledged that it was under Disney’s banner that Marvel were finally able to bring to fruition what everyone hoped The Avengers movie would be – one of the greatest movies in cinema history.

Star Wars may be in a completely different ballpark to anything Disney have dealt with before but that doesn’t mean they can’t handle it. Sure, many people know Buzz Lightyear and can probably name a Marvel superhero [if they're told Batman and Superman are not Marvel superheroes] but Star Wars is bigger than all that - it's arguably as big as Disney itself!

Every living being on the planet knows something about Star Wars. It is not just a lucrative franchise, it is an international phenomenon, a way of life, a religion, and yes - at it's core - a cash cow that will never run dry - it is an empire and one that it's creator and emperor has sought to house somewhere where he believes it will flourish before he relinguishes his crown. As he is infallible, we must abide by his decision.

Disney should put everything they have now into Star Wars [but leave some energy for Marvel sequels and new character-movies, we still want them too] and forget all of the shit they make with Nicholas Cage and any more Pirates of the Caribbean sequels etc. - no one wants to see more of them.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me during this crisis, I have drawn strength from your own positivity and I will bring you all further developments in this wondrous new chapter in the world's history as I have them.


Former Grunt said...

And as I suspected we have acceptance, the final stage of grief.

It should be noted that the traditional "bargaining" phase of grief is absent, no doubt because The Colonel does not negotiate!!!

vaughan said...

the problem is...that it's all clear now. this entire debacle was designed to take out the field commander of uniteda just when he was needed most...and from the last 24 hours of news, it's quite clear it worked ....dammit colonel why weren't you watching!!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Grunt: Negotiate? Never!

@ Vaughan: This "debacle" happened, or rather did not happen on October 25th. I consumed a small qantity of alchohol during off-duty hours on October 31st, several days later. The incidents are neither linked, nor do they overlap.