Saturday, February 12, 2011

Revolution in Egypt but Obama must act!

Upon seeing the success of nearby Tunisians ousting their own President, the people of Egypt who had been living under the oppressive rule of President Hosni Mubarak for 30 years decided that it was finally possible to change the country for themselves. For almost 3 weeks the eyes of the world have been on the country that links Africa with Asia.

While it was good that under Mubarak, Egypt kept peace with Israel, established and close ties with the West and opposed Islamic extremism; it was unfortunate he kept his country under emergency law which restricted freedom and gave all but totalitarian control to the police.

On Thursday, after many days of unrest that saw about 300 people dead, Mubarak had again told Egyptians that he would stay in power until elections planned for September. But on Friday 11th February, Vice President Omar Suleiman announced the resignation of the eighty-two-year-old dictator.

U.S. President Barack Obama says the resignation marks only a beginning of Egypt's transition and that Egyptians had made it clear that they will accept "nothing less than genuine democracy."

Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi is now acting as President of Egypt and his Council pledged today to eventually rescind power to an elected civilian government. They also reassured allies that the peace treaty with Israel will be abided by. While they announced that they will retain members of the government appointed by Mubarak in his final weeks, they do so as a stop-gap measure to keep the country operating. The Council also urged the public to "work to push the economy forward."

A random Egyptian who I've decided to quote, Weszam Elmelegi posted on the Facebook: "This is our victory. Our freedom. Our Egypt. Egyptians have taught the world one lesson: when the people speak, their voice is not words. It is thunder. And when thunder strikes the entire forces of nature listen. Because thunder is sent by God. Ours is one of the most honorable revolutions in history. We did not fall into the pit of civil war. We did not get any help from any government."

That's right Mr. Elmelegi, no help at all.

The events in Tunisia and Egypt are as significant as the fall of the Shah of Iran and the fall of the Berlin Wall and it will be up to the United States to confirm the Egyptians success or failure for our way of life. When the wall fell, Reagan and Bush flooded the former Warsaw Pact nations with individuals who knew how to create the institutions of free societies. Now, those same countries are vibrant democracies that love the stars and stripes. In Iran in the late 70's however, ineffectual Jimmy Carter sat on his arse and didn't deploy advisers, leaving Iran to the Iranians. Before long, any democratic reformers "disappeared" and Islamic fundamentalists reigned supreme. Nowadays, Iran is in a race to develop a nuclear weapons and led by a complete nutter who demands the destruction of the "Satanic" United States.

Thankfully today, the US is led by the extraordinarily decisive and popular Nobel Peace Prize winning President who is so not Jimmy Carter. No, Obama is more like Reagan, so much so he's apparently "The Gipper" now!


Master Guns said...

Heh! I knew the "securing data" angle in last Saturday's post was a cover story. The question is were you sent in by the US, the UN or are you there for your own personal gain?

INTERPOL's National Central Bureau in Tunis has issued a global alert to seek the location and arrest of former Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and his relatives after he dissappeared with 1.5 tons of Tunisia's gold last month.

By any chance are you assisting with the "relocation" of President Mubarak?

Civilian Overseer said...

Colonel, I thought the agreement was no witnesses?.
P.S. act on Guns intel, get that gold back pronto before some one else does.

And this time, no witnesses, that means taking care of Guns, he knows to much for his payscale, I always suspected he was a plant.

Master Guns said...

I don't believe this! 3 of these missing items match those needed to assemble a device that was on Goa'uld plans we brought back from an SGC mission years ago. I distinctly recall the Egyptians not allowing us access to the artefacts! I have no idea what the device does once assembles but just suppose the Colonel has already obtained the other parts?

Civilian Overseer said...

Colonel, Guns is a snakehead!, take him down.

Dahar Master said...

is it not unseemly for a serving military officer to comment on the actions of his Commander In Chief?

Capt. Harmon Rabb said...

I was thinking the exact same thing Dahar.

However it seems more like The Colonel is suggesting a course of action to take before a presidential decision is made. It is within the bounds of possibility that The President will ask people about options and The Colonel's option could be relayed to The President, albeit indirectly through ADM Mullen CJCS or SECDEF Gates.

The Colonel has been careful not to contradict The President or publically object to a decision that The President has already made.

Let's keep a closer eye on him however.


Master Guns said...

He'll never take me out Overseer! He needs me like Batman needs the Joker! Without a nemesis, he's nothing.

Welcome back Rabb! NOW STOP THE COLONEL!

Former Grunt said...

Stop him from doing what? Serving his uniform, Calling for President Disappointment to act, or for protecting the planet with his life?

I don’t know Master Gunny, perhaps you are a Snakehead?

Civilian Overseer said...

Guns, nemesis indeed, speaking of asymmetric warfare that reminds me, I had some smart guys in Area 51 whip up this handy Goauld detector.

Look Here Please, BEEP!, well, there you have it, definitive proof that Guns is a Gouald host. Should have suspected this earlier really, considering all the horrific injuries Guns has suffered over the years.

Come now Guns or should I say System Lord Vishnu?, you heard the beep, the jig is up, no use in denying it now.

Colonel secure the prisoner and begin the painful extraction process, we want that Goald prisoner alive.

What?, Grunt why yes the extraction process is lethal to the host 95% of the time, thats why its called the painful extraction process.

What about the other 5%?, no, it's still painful, they just wish the process had been lethal.

Pardon, Colonel?, You want to know who else is a snakehead?, you suspect Capt. Harmon Rabb?, should you bring him in so that I can use the marvellous Goauld detector on him?, no need, for you see, I just press this button, BEEP!, well, there you have it, definitive proof that Harm is a Gouald host.

Marvellous invention really, it confirms that anyone I suspect is a snakehead, is actually snakehead. Those guys in Area 51 are very smart indeed...

Now who else is on your list?,

Civilian Overseer said...

What's that Colonel?, can you get your own Goauld Detector?, unfortunately, those guys from Area 51, all turned out to be snakeheads!, None survived the extraction process.

You want to borrow mine?, sorry it's keyed to my unique neural pattern, wouldn't work for you.

Master Guns said...

I was going to ask "Who scans you?" Overseer. I see now that won't be happening will it?

Civilian Overseer said...

Silence! System Lord Vishnu, enough of your vain attempts to spread distrust and discord amongst the people of Earth and that's Mr.Overseer to the likes of you, you parasite!

Of couse, I'll test myself..., hear anything? ..., hear that? ..., nothing, exactly. Definite proof that I'm no snakehead.

Guns, if some small part of you still exists in that twisted and evil shell, I want you to know, We shall free you by ending your torment one way or another...

No Grunt there's really no time for lube, just start the extraction process already before this goauld bastard starts getting lippy again.

Master Guns said...

COLONEL! Overseer isn't a snakehead but look at this X-Ray from his last trip to hospital! Yes it's true! - an evil undead skeleton is controlling Overseer from within! Evil Undead Skeletons must be stopped just as much as aliens! You know what you have to do Colonel!

Civilian Overseer said...

Colonel, don't listen to him thats the Goauld speaking.

Prep the extractor,

Whats that Guns?, still alive?

well, don't just stand there, Yes, Yes, I know it hurts but You'll be able to sit down properly in around a month but right now We need men of your experience on the front line in Afganistan, No, No, theres no time for body armor procurement. Off you go, Shoo, Shoo.