Monday, September 27, 2010

Brian Cowan hits the big time on Jay Leno

Lets make a deal Jay, people here don't call the US leader an inept coon so you don't call the Irish one a drunken moron. Clear? Unfunny big-jawed talentless treacherous little rat!


Civilian Overseer said...

Colonel, Agreed, Cowen may be a drunken Gobshite but he is our drunken Gobshite.

Constance said...

Leno makes me cringe. Does ANYONE think he's funny?

Constance said...

Oh, and... "inept coon?"

so... Mr. Overseer... Creedon is an idiot but he's our idiot? Some days I don't think that I want to claim him...

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Civvy: Hear, hear.

@ Constance: Only the homegrown morons Big-Jaw was referring to as well in his now famous quote which has made every single news outlet in the country.

I love the way it took you 15 minutes to come back thinking "what did he say?" :)

Coon is a reprehensible and thnkfully seldom used slang word for those of African descent. It is regarded as more severe than "darkie" but not as bad as the "n-word" which violates Blogger's TOS. Obviousy it had to be used here to highlight the severity of something that no one would or should ever say about anyone, let alone the POTUS and thusly such similar stereotyping should be avoided* by those with an audience, no matter how braindead they're audience might be.

Leno better watch his amply sized arse, one of out headlines here was "People in Glass Houses..."

*Unless they're French.