Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ireland in panic!

At abound 18:00 GMT this evening a blazing fireball was seen streaking across Ireland by hundreds of people from drivers in Tullamore, Co. Offaly to golfers in Ballybunion, Co. Kerry. Valentia Coastguard said it has had reports of sightings from people living in Mullingar, Limerick, and Bantry. David Moore, of Astronomy Ireland, said: "This is a huge event."

Astronomy Ireland confirmed that a meteor exploded in the atmosphere with the force of a nuclear explosion raining some debris don to many parts of the country. There are currently reports that the fireball has landed in a field near Crimlin in Co. Cavan. Astronomy Ireland says it is unlikely to have injured anyone as it would have slowed down when it hit the atmosphere.

One man told his local radio station: “I saw the ball of fire just above the trees. I rang the emergency services. I thought it was a helicopter.” Another said: “I thought it was a bright gas cylinder. It seemed to get brighter as it was approaching the ground.”

A UNETIDA spokesman, Captain "CĂș Faoil" O'Muineachain reassured the public that it was a natural phenomenon as opposed to a precursor to an Extra-Terrestrial attack adding: "there's nothing at all like that happening here at all. T'was just a one of those space rocks. Feckit' we've just emerged from a mini-ice age here after we were almost washed away by floods, then we had - would you believe - an earthquake in Donegal a few weeks ago; Aye, so naturally there are people in a bit of a panic, but there no need to be at all."

"If that Marine fella was here now, t'would be a different kettle-of-fish altogether," Capt. O'Muineachain continued, presumably speaking of UNETIDA Special Operations Commander, Colonel "Whopper" Creedon. "Sure he'd be ordering all sorts of reports to be done and sending lads out to find bits of UFOs and everything. The longer he spends playing in the sand with his gang out in the desert, the better off we'll be around here, but don't tell him that sure you won't? If you'll excuse me now my pint is only gettin' warm...."

Source: The Irish Times / RTE News / Irishcentral / Eircom

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