Thursday, January 21, 2010

3D Star Wars on the way?

While the results of filming in the modern 3D technology have earned James Cameron 2 Golden Globes for Best Director and Best Picture last Sunday and Avatar has raked in considerably more then a billion dollars in ticket sales thus far; the results of attempting to convert a standard movie to 3D have yet to be measured.

Enter God:
"We've been looking for years and years and years of trying to take Star Wars and put it in 3D. But technology hasn't been there. We've been struggling with it, but I think this will be a new impetus to make that happen," said the great George Lucas to Total Film.

God also said that he could appreciate what Cameron went through to create Avatar and he's delighted that it's so successful and worked so well in 3D. God hasn't been a big fan of the format, "but that movie definitely improves in 3D," he said.

Avatar seems to have changed his mind thanks to Cameron's technological strides to create one of the greatest cinema, nay, entertainment experiences known to mankind.

Personally, I'd prefer to see something else in 2D converted to 3D before I'd thoroughly embrace yet another religious tweak from the almighty Lucas. Hell I'd even prefer the deity work on outputting a HD edition of all 6 episodes on Blu-Ray first and spend time concentrating on the live-action TV show. Folk will still embrace the saga in 3D once those more important projects are complete.

Watch this space..

In other news it appears Lucas' comments concerning how great Avatar 3D is has led to China's government pulling Avatar 2D from movie theaters!

Source: Total Film / IMDB

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Civilian Overseer said...

Lucas No!, while I support the advent of a 3D Golden Bikini clad Princess Leia I cannot condone Jabba the Hut tonguing the screen in 3D. Think of the children!