Sunday, October 04, 2009

VICTORY: Lisbon Ratified

“Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat.” - Malcolm Forbes

I recalled those words at the weekend as a final Yes vote on the Treaty of Lisbon came in at 67% vs. a shock 53% against on June 14th 2008.

"It is a good day for Ireland, it is a good day for Europe; We stand with them as we seek to move forward together. We do this because we know we are better and stronger together," said An Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

I'd just like to send out a big FUCK YOU - WHO'S YOUR DADDY NOW BE-ATCH!! to all the Shinners, parasites [students], commies, lefties, wasters and other neer-do-wells who voiced an idiotic opposition to the treaty since the first referendum. To those that stepped back into line and changed their minds to Yes this time around, I say: well done; but if you voted correctly the first time - you could have saved the country a couple of million euro in taxpayers money. But you've saved yourself from execution in the new order.

Now that the government has got their way, there doesn't need to be another vote, so there won't be a "best of three" or other such nonsense here but everything is not hunky-dory yet - while the Polish president is expected to sign the treaty this week, the Czech parliament did ratify the treaty but their president, a treaty opposer is required to sign it first, which he didn't. Instead he has tied it up with their Constitutional Court for a possible 6 months at which time it would be very close to the general election in the United Kingdom, an election in which the Conservatives are poised to win and whom have promised a referendum if the treaty has not been ratified by all members at their time of election, but are being urged to hold one even despite full ratification at that time. So the shenanigans ain't over yet.


Civilian Overseer said...

I bet that David Cameron is probably for the first time ever praying that Gordon Brown won't call an early election at least not until Brown has ratified the Lisbon Treaty. ;)

I practically hear dear Sithy commissioning his clone army now. ;)

Constance said...

Point of Order, Col. Creedon:

Pasty white Irish boys are prohibited from using the phrase "Who's your daddy now" and the colloquial "be-atch."

I am afraid I will have to report you to your operational superior.

Additionally, I will be making a report against the Civilian Overseer for dereliction of duty in failing to cite you for said infraction.

Civilian Overseer said...

Connie, Your blatant racism sickens me, so what if the Colonel is a lame pasty white Irish boy, Yes, he is as uncool as he is uncouth but We live in a free society, if he wants to "Ali G" up, he has that right!, I might not like it but I will defend his right to embarrass himself again & again & again. I am willing to point and laugh and mock a very dear friend not for my own shallow amusement but for freedom!. That is how much I love democracy. ;)

Constance said...

Oh good lord, you flag waving bastard. How does the Irish national anthem go? The visual needs a soundtrack to go along with it!

Civilian Overseer said...

I believe most Americans believe the Irish National Anthem to be Danny Boy, Can I be bare chested in the video?, somehow I imagine it would be more impressive if I was bare chested. ;)

Constance said...

Ha! That is so stereotypical! Danny Boy. Gimme a break. Who's the rascist now???

Have you not seen our latest Jameson's ad? It makes you all out to be lustful, tenacious, whiskey-swilling... oh. Whoops. I guess there is some truth in adverstising.

Well then, we might as well add you with your half naked, flag-waving, barechested (except for the rug) self standing on the majestic Cliffs of Moher (just for example) shouting out "Freedom!"

Civilian Overseer said...

"Racist"?, Why that would still be you, my Dear Connie for obvious reasons ;)

"lustful, tenacious, whiskey-swilling... well, I don't know about tenacious. ;)

"Drink!" may be more appropriate for the Irish "Freedom" has such a Scottish ring to it. ;)

Constance said...

Really? Huh. I'm not really informed about the difference between the Scots and the Irish. I'll have to investigate.

Civilian Overseer said...

We're all Celts but the Irish are the fun loving, good looking ones. ;)

Constance said...

My friend Bill was evangelizing to me about how nice the Scots are. I asked him, "nicer than the Irish?" and he very quickly said no. "No one is as nice as the Irish."

And I could not imagine anyone better looking, more fun loving, smarter, or handsomer than Ciaran or Mark.

(That's what you had in mind, yes?)

Civilian Overseer said...

Excellent, Connie excellent, but more is needed We talking about Jovian sized egos here.

Constance said...

We might be able to convince The Whooper (as soon as I stop calling him that), but I suspect our chances of getting Mark in on the deal are super slim.

Maybe instead of a recorded podcast and fussing with all of the particulars to edit and upload and what have you, they should do a live streaming webcast.

And since Christmas is such a crazy busy time, what about a New Year's thingy? After people have had a chance to relax and vacuum up the tinsel.

Civilian Overseer said...

Connie, All good suggestions, in the event that We cannot get Herr Mark, might I suggest, Bruce as a suitable subsitute?

Althought no one could really, ever replace Von Mark's acidic comments in our hearts.