Wednesday, January 21, 2009


As General Mason said to me the day Clinton took office. "Salute the office if not the man."

The Obamas and the Bidens under the watchful eye of Colonel "Whopper" Creedon at the opening of the Presidential Inaugural Ceremonies on Jan. 18th.

I sat at home with Jack on Tuesday and watched 2 hours of Fox News coverage of a historical event from the time President Bush made his way out to his final appearance as POTUS to the time the Fox anchors started analysing the menu of the Congressional Luncheon after the ceremony - at that point I was hungry.

I'll admit to laughing when Chief Justice Roberts fucked up the oath President-Elect Obama was supposed to repeat in order to be sworn in. Thankfully the new Commander In Chief knew the thing by heart so there was no chance of a constitutional crisis that would've split the country in two igniting a race-riot fuelled civil war.

I was a little disappointed that the now President Obama didn't know how many men have taken the oath as President. He said in his speech that 44 had - including himself obviously, but while Obama may be the 44th President- he's only the 43rd man to hold the office. President Grover Cleveland was the 22nd POTUS and lost reelection to President Harrison in 1889 - but he won a second term after the defeat of Harrison becoming the 24th POTUS as well, he was the same man albeit more seasoned. But then again Obama is a student of Lincoln, not Cleveland and only presidential scholars [and well informed Marine Colonels] would have noticed the error.

What did impress me was that he swore in as Barack Hussein Obama. That took an extraordinary amount of courage which must be applauded. Now only if he had pledged to the world to rid us of the alien menace that threatens every life on earth - that really would have been something.


Anonymous said...

Listen Colonel just consider yourself lucky you got yer full rank back before Obama got into office ...I would love to see his face this morning when he reads his full security report on you (especially the Sweden Incident) and asks "This man is in charge of defending Earth? ...dear grief they gave him the Meadal of Honour?!??!?!
Bush may have forgotten but I'll never forget the way you gunned my men down in a "Friendly fire "incident all the time laughing and saying "What a Magnificent gun this is!" (leaves the room weeping to remember the fallen of Bravo team)

Bruce Russell said...

Bravo Team had it coming if you ask me. Bunch of slack-jawed pederasts . . .

Anonymous said...

Don't worry MR.V, while Bush's Reign of Error has finally come to an end the Lt.Col's incompetence is eternal, he'll be busted back to private soon enough.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Vaughan: That was like 1998? Get over it. Suck it up!
Those guys were lurking about OUTSIDE the Biodome. I clearly heard over the headset that Bravo has entered INSIDE the structure. When I saw unidentified personnel OUTSIDE I had them tagged as Tangos and dealt with accordingly.

Unofficially I got a Marksmanship award for taking down four Special Forces Operators armed with Sub-machine guns and Rifles using only a Glock 17 from 100yrds :)

@ Bruce: Admittadly I did think it strange that the Tangos were wearing the exact same camoflage uniform my Alpha team were, but by then I had dropped two of them - I figured I may as well go the whole hog. Heh this Lawyer / Client confidentiality thing is great :)

@ Civvy: What? An incompetent Lieutenant Colonel? Where? Not in my Corps I hope? Give me his name and I'll conduct an investigation of this subordinate!!

Anonymous said...

1998 to you Colonel but just like yesterday to me (goes into thousand yard stare as violins from platoon begin to play)

Anonymous said...

Damn, I have to start refering to you as Col now. Sickening.

Bruce Russell said...

Want some fun reads? Check out the latest executive orders and memos at Fascinating the process of dismantling Bush's Tower of Power.