Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wanted: Why is Ruskie trailer better?

I'm going to take it as read that everyone here has seen a trailer or two for the slick Angelina Jolie comic-book action movie Wanted. It does look like a superb yet not-uncommon shoot 'em up!

So why is it that the Russian trailer makes this look like one of the best action movies of the decade? Have a look, and if you're enlightened? Tell me!


Anonymous said...

Communism created a hardy people in the mighty Russians and that's why you have to go the extra mile for them to part with their hard earn cash. Not like us here in the limp penised west where we don't 'like' war and where we fritter away good money on things like bottled water even though it flows free and plentifull from taps and toilets, which is terrifingly only one example from a never ending list of cash abuse that directly affects quality as it goes down like a suicidal and lead ballon. We certainly at this point need and should yearn for a recession and an iron fist to put us straight and in doing so, increase the quality of products and movies across the board and with oil prices what they are, our dreams may yet be fulfilled.

Bruce Russell said...

In Russia, redband trailer downloads YOU!

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

"We certainly at this point need and should yearn for ... an iron fist to put us straight"

Yes, yes! Nominate ME as the first "President Of Earth". I won't let you down!

Anonymous said...

Nominate?, President of Earth? whats with the lefty liberal comments, Lt.Col, I expected a Staunch Republican such as yourself to simply seize power in a bloody coup and become the first Dictator of Earth. Can you imagine it, Creedon, Earth Tyrant, thats an epoch of history I fear to live through.