Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Whopper Awards 2006 - Part 5

The Nominees For Best Television Show of 2006:
Battlestar Galactica
The Unit

David Mamet's CBS series, The Unit pipped Sci-Fi's Stargate: Atlantis to the post for Whopper nominations this year and while CBS' NCIS continues to deliver, it's under stiff competition from newcomer Heroes at NBC. Sci-Fi's Battlestar Galactica however retains the Whopper award for Best TV Show for the 2nd year running.

The Nominees for Best Video Game Of 2006:
Call Of Duty 2
Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach
SiN Episodes: Emergence

I'm far more selective about what games I play nowadays, and this lot are the four I've played this year. Call Of Duty 2 is a worthy sequel to the exceptional original and kicks the Medal Of Honor franchise on is arse. F.E.A.R. and SiN Episodes are near future FPSs each with exceptional graphics, good plot (for FPSs anyway) and their own unique gimmicks but like COD2 they don't bring much evolution to their respective genres. DDO: Stormreach, despite it's numerous technical faults, was easily the best gaming experience I've had in a long time. Joining some of my friends online and leading them (as the mighty Paladin Karadon) into battle, killing hordes of Kobolds in the name of justice was exhilarating. A pity time would not allow me to continue on and become a king or somesuch...

*Note on Video Game Whopper Award criteria: I will now make nominations based on games released within the Fiscal Year of the awards as opposed to the calander year. This is because video game marketing is geared towards a Christmas release and thus does not allow enough time to evaluate. The Fiscal Year of one year begins on Oct 1st of the preceeding calender year, so FY '06 began on October 1st 2005.


Aaron said...

Have to agree with ya, BSG deserves it this year, but if Heroes keeps goin the way it is, it'll run away with it next awards !!!

Alro said...

And you led us well :) "The fact that we were always lost will not be held against you"

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

@ Aaron: One never knows. Nothing stay's at the top forever.

@ Hey it's not like those subterranean sewers had a multitude of signposts anywhere. Shit- even a landmark would have been nice...

Alro said...

I could post the screenshot of you getting lost on the way to the House K bank :) True it was hard for you to find the tallest building in the area :)

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

I knew where it was, I just didn't know it was open to the public. For the first few months the whole area was sealed off and a Dwarf said I wasn't allowed in there.

Alro said...

He knew who you were, of course he's wasn't going to let you in :)

sith apologist said...

Wait a second ... Karadon, Karadon ... wasn't he involved in the now infamous 'Friendly Arms Inn' incident, where over a dozen innocent civilians were slaughtered?