Wednesday, January 04, 2023

2022 The Year in Review

The 2022 cycle is complete. It

  • brought war to Ukraine
  • delivered a slap for Chis Rock
  • set US women's rights back decades
  • saw the grip tightened in China
  • witnessed the loss of the longest reigning British monarch
  • saw Iranians beginning to protest
  • witnessed the assassination of Shinzo Abe
  • launched Artemis 1

2022 cost us Queen Elizabeth II, Pope Benedict XVI , footballer Pele, actress Anne Heche, writer Tom Veitch, actress Olivia Newton-John, drummer Taylor Hawkins, designer Vivienne Westwood, actress Kirstie Alley, singer Irene Cara, actor Kevin Conroy, singer Jerry Lee Lewis, former SecDef Ashton Carter, actor Robbie Coltraine, writer Alan Grant, actor Roger E. Mosley, actress Angela Lansbury, singer Coolio, actor Denis Waterman, composer Vangelis, actress Louise Fletcher, former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev, actress Nichelle Nichols, artist Kevin O'Neill, actor Paul Sorvino, socialite Ivana Trump, former Japanese President Shinzo Abe, actor David Warner, director Mike Hodges, actor Henry Silva, composer Angelo Badalamenti, journalist Barbera Walters, actor James Caan, artist Neal Adams, actor Ray Liotta, comedian Gilbert Gottfried, former SecState Madeleine Albright, actor William Hurt, actress Sally Kellerman, director Ivan Reitman, singer Meatloaf, acor Greg Itzin, director Wolfgang Petersen, comedian Bob Saget, actor Hardy Kr├╝ger, actor Sidney Potier, jockey Lester Piggott, actor Tony Sirico, composer Monty Norman, actor Bernard Cribbins, modelmaker Greg Jein and actor Clarence Gilyard Jr. May they rest in peace.

In gaming and tech, Ian Livingstone was Knighted, Microsoft announces potential Activision acquisition, Elden Ring reigns supreme, Embracer acquires Square Enix Europe, the Steam Deck is launched, Nvidia launches 4000 series, AMD launches Zen 4 CPUs and RDNA3 based GPUs, Google Stadia packs it in. 

We look forward now to 2023...

Happy New Year

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