Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Whopper's Bunker: Tenth Anniversary

If someone had said to me when I started this, that 10 years from now I'd still be writing for it, part of me would be somewhat skeptical. But as I now look back over the past decade I see the changing face of technology and social media in particular and I also see how much things have not changed.

The rise of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and whatever those damn kids flock to nowadays have all but replaced the need for blogs because tech like RSS and Atom feeds are all but gone so traffic is not drawn to them as much as before. Unless ever faithful readers deliberately return via url, bookmark or subscribe to update technology, I've observed minimal traffic unless a random keyword search scores a hit.

Thankfully blogs still appear in Google searches when searching for something - anything. Take this for example: Frank Castle Becomes Captain America!? from March 2007 is my most hit post even to this day, for whatever reason is thrown into Google [and the one Bing user in Redmond] which manages to grab it. Either people are throwing in word combos or doing Punisher and Captain America searches or something but it's always bizarre to me that this post keeps showing up.

I considered for a number of years recently that this anomaly was far more than I was prepared to admit. Was there a more spiritual or metaphysical connection between me and this post? It could easily be argued by long-term readers that I embody many of the traits of both characters, Captain America's sense of duty, loyalty, honour and patriotism with The Punisher's passion, sense of justice, necessary brutality and finality. It took a while but I later dismissed this as a load of bollocks.

I regret that posts can't be as frequent as before but there are still many dangers to the planet that must come to light, news of various levels of import, posts to honour those who have significantly affected my life and now passed on and of course ramblings that I need to get off my chest from time to time, so the blog will remain operational.
Thank you for visiting at some point over the past decade and see you in the next.

Brigadier General "Whopper" Creedon,