Sunday, June 09, 2013

The Mars Rat campaign

UNETIDA has just completed a successful disinformation campaign which has convinced the worlds media that the recent discovery of a rodent-like extra-terrestrial space explorer was in fact just a rock.

"That goddamn rat has been the focus of all my work for almost two weeks" lamented Colonel  "Whopper" Creedon, Director of Intelligence for UNETIDA/UNPASID. The Colonel went on to describe that in December, amateur bloggers at UFO Sightings Daily had analysed photos taken on September 28th by NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars and had identified a rodent on the surface of the red planet.

"Naturally, they were correct - there was one there but for obvious reasons we couldn't have people thinking there was" explained Creedon. At that time however, the theories were limited to the amateur blog and did not pose a serious 'informational threat' to international security - that was until on May 29th, FOX News reported on the bloggers findings and despite FOX's own opinion that it was just a case of pareidolia - believing you see familiar things in a random object like a mountain, a cloud or in this case a rock - it went viral.

Bloggers, Twitters, Facebookers and even a few scientific websites propagated their own theories on the 'Mars Rat' but thankfully according to Creedon "we managed to influence the more reputable sources of information to comment" like Amina Khan of the LA Times and Corey Powell of Discover magazine to put the word out that this was really just pareidolia.

UNETIDA has already deployed scanning and communications equipment to 'Rocknest' on Mars in the hope that the Mars Rat dubbed "Nibbler Alpha 5" by the agency will make contact. "It's a 50:50 chance it's an evil alien scout for a battle fleet or a peaceful highly evolved ambassador of an advanced civilisation" said Creedon. "so our equipment also has a 250Mt nuclear device just to be safe."

Sources: Fox News / Discover / L.A. Times / UFO Sightings Daily

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