Sunday, January 23, 2011

Greens show true colour: Yellow!

The backstabbing bastards, The Green Party today prematurely withdrew as coalition partner from the somewhat controversial current government of Ireland. An Taoiseach Brian Cowan's already wafer thin majority was effectively destroyed by this "dick move" and probably isn't a surprise to anyone who has followed the nefarious antics of the Greens up to now.

While admittedly, things weren't all rosy in Leinster House; operations were proceeding in a somewhat orderly fashion: March 11th was the date set for a general election and only the passing of the new finance bill needed as part of Ireland's international bail-out package, remained on the agenda.

The Greens said they would support the passage of legislation for the 2011 austerity budget from the opposition side and wanted it rushed through the Dail to ensure an election was held sooner than March. Green Party leader John "Gormless" Gormley is hoping his decision will prompt the opposition parties to withdraw plans to table motions of no-confidence in the government and encourage them instead to get the finance legislation sped through parliament.

The fascist Blueshirts, The Fine Gael party and the socialist wankers, The Labor Party actually want the bill [partly because they didn't create it, but know it's necessary and can always just label it as a Fianna Fail action], which legalises changes to taxation made in the budget, passed by Friday and the calling of an immediate general election.

But Cowen, who stood down yesterday as leader of Fianna Fail amid some criticism of his political judgment, said such a time frame was too tight for the fiscal bill. "It's not possible to get it done in a week," he told RTE.

A storm is coming, will anyone survive?


Civilian Overseer said...

Colonel, I agree, the Greens are, as you say, "backstabbing bastards", as part of the government of the day, they are partially responsible for the foisting of 430 thousand euros worth of private bank debt on every single man, woman and child in the country.

They share the responsiblity for the 50 thousand young people expected to leave the country this year and the next and the next...

They "share" this responsiblity with the other party in the coalition, the senior partners, Fianna Fail.

They should have walked as soon as Fianna Fail presented the IMF bailout as a fait accompli. They showed a complete lack of good judgement and integrity by not walking out then. If the Greens think that by walking away now, they can go to the people with clean hands then they are sadly mistaken.

The question to ask is who's Finance Minister sneered at the Irish people that "We all partied", the Green's or Fianna Fail's?.

On the subject of partying, Did We party?, I can honestly say that I didn't party, I couldn't afford to, I was too busy working and saving my ass off for years to scrape the deposit together to afford a house to party.

Did you party Colonel?,

Does any Irish citizen reading this, admittingly overlong comment, consider that they partied their ass off?

I'll admit I voted for Fianna Fail several times in the past, I, like the majority of Irish people, considered them to be the best choice to look after the economy, the country, my family.

Thats why I feel so betrayed now.

I and undoubtably others, have been amazed as senior Fianna Fail representative after senior Fianna Fail representative have made increasingly bizzare public statements where they have consistently put the good of their party above the good of the country.

Just like the Greens, Fianna Fail are going to have to go to the people with the economic lifeblood of the country on their hands.

The truly sad thing, is that the opposition in Ireland politics are cut from entirely the same cloth as the current shower of misanthrope feckers.

As one reign of incompetence ends, another reign of incompetence begins.

Censor this if you like, edit this if you want, it doesn't change the fact that "We the People", the most beautiful phrase the American founding fathers ever bequeathed to us, should feel angry, should feel upset, should feel betrayed, because We have been let down and We have been betrayed.

I feel mostly tired.

Dahar Master said...

Fascists??? now now now . . . its 2011, we need to fight this election on policy and facts, I am no FF supporter, but even alot of decent FFers have been betrayed by the top of their party. We didn't all party, far from it. Alot of people are genuinely suffering

vaughan said...

Fianna Fail have cocked it up and just like the tories in 1997 they will spend the next ten years in opposition ( I don't believe they will be wiped out).
However I note the way you feel betrayed about the money aspect...this is the majority view and is to be respected (I'm currently unemployed , my dole?...five euros a you did not misread that)...however you may not have partied when times were good...I most certainly didn't (Many people laughed at me that I wouldn't buy a house at the height of the boom..they called me stupid because I simply pointed out all booms eventually fail..the Answer I often got from supposedly smarter people than me "Sure House prices will never fall!"
I think the greatest example of this was in 2006 when the late Gerry Ryan (beloved coke user of the nation) said this on the radio. George Lee immediately rang up and berated him for being so niaive reminding Ryan that in 89 banks were not giving money on loans for houses more than £35000 because "The Houses weren't worth it!"
Now the readers of this blog are I would suggest smart intelligent people so they may not have followed the mob in this insanity, but Builders and Bankers didn't force anyone to buy a one put a gun to their face and said "TAKE THE FUCKING KEYS, TAKE EM NOW!"
Do you not remember Fine Gaels "Celtic Snail" campaign of 02 where they claimed we weren't spending enough fast enough...who was in charge then? oh yes Michael Noonan a man who now claims he can save us all!
The simple truth is that we the people as a whole gladly went on this pied piper act of madness fuelled by greed and the stupid , idiotic idea that a house was to be seen as an investment not as a place to live.
I also notice you use the term "Economic lifeblood" well thank god it is only economic is amazing how quickly the fact that it was the Fianna Fail Government that helped bring peace to the north...a dirty stupid war that had been a crux on the Island of Ireland for thirty years. Would Fine Gael whose leader at the time John Bruton called it in public "Not that fecking Peace Process! Been as adept as bringing the parties to the table. the truth is if the Irish people want to blame someone , they should look in the Mirror .....Recessions and Depressions end just as booms do and this country will rise fiancially could not have said the same thing of all the dead in the north had Fianna Fail and Labour In Britain not bought peace in the north.

Civilian Overseer said...

Mr.V, I take it that you are one of the 12 or is it 14% then?.

A card carrting, dyed in the wool Fianna Failer?. Bully for you.

I agree, Fianna Fail is not going to disappear.

Nobody should really be suprised by this, after all, Fianna Fail have pulled this bailout trick before, back in 1984 they foisted £400 million on the Irish Taxpayers to bailout a bank, I believe it was called AIB.

They survived then and will again and undoubtably will pull the very same bailout trick again, why not?, sure they've got away with it twice before and good old boys like you Mr.V will vote 'em right back in.

However, They, like their accomplices, the Greens, are going to, putting it mildly, recieve a bit of a kicking at the general election.

I doubt anyone would be able to convince you that both parties in the former coalition government equally and richly deserve this.

And actually, Yes, the bandits that I bank with did push a mortgage product on me, each and everytime I went into the bank.

They even preapproved me for a mortgage of 10 times my gross not net pay.

No false modesty, that's actually quite a lot of pfennigs. ;)

Needless to say I declined that amount as simple insane and continued to scrimp and save for a deposit.

The point is, if they where pushing this sort of irresponsible lending on me then they where pushing this sort of irresonsible lending on others, plenty of others.

You could be called wise not to have bought a house in the boom but the sad truth is you're just as unlikely to buy a house now and for the foreseeable future despite falling house prices due to the banks not lending anything. I make this point not to be mean or cruel, just to show that despite your devotion to the party, you personally do not appear to have benifited from your association in the boom and this appears to be the same in the bust.

Is it a case of my party right or wrong?, in this case, they are definitely in the wrong but you can take some comfort in that the current opposition are as incompetent as the current government. This is due, I believe to the consistently poor quality and low standard of Irish politicians, of all political hues.

As for the North, Yeah, one could ask how long do Finnia Fail expect to dine out on that?, it is interesting to note that you had to go back more than ten years to find their last significant achievement.

They also built a motorway all the way around Dublin, right up to both ends of a privately held toll bridge, can you guess which party recieved vast sums of political donations from the private owners of said toll bridge?

A more important and indeed much more pertinent question to ask in this day and age is, ,What has Fianna Fail done for us lately?, what was that wonderful expression, Oh yes that's right, Shared Soverignty with the IMF.

Hear that high pitch whirring sound?, that's Dev spinning in his grave that his political successors have brought us to this.

vaughan said...

DEV ?!?!?!

DEV was a backwards looking twat! And no I am not a dyed in the wool fianna Failer, Neither am I what you call a good old boy (really civvy insults?) I may indeed vote for the local candidate because of the work he has done in the area....I may admiration for the Local fine gael candidate has grown since he was one of the TD'S who stood up to our (probably)next leader Enda (still officially a teacher in his pension plan) and who unlike Richard Bruton refused to return to the party fold.
And at least I vote for the candidate who either has some political courage or does the work ...not because my house price has doubled.
Yes most people have been blinded by the money so they have forgotten what is important..(and yes peace in the basket case that is the north is important!) But
the biggest problem at the moment are the people themselves...they got themselves into this mess , now they are just sitting there complaining ( I guarantee you civvy , those same people would have called you an eejit for not taking the mortgage!) The only way to change things is to get off yer arses and try to change things yourself instead of sitting round bitching all day.

Civilian Overseer said...

Ah Mr.V, you do make me smile, no insult intended, that you would percieve it as insult speaks volumes more about you then it does me, a touch defensive maybe.

Let me clarify, to me a good old boy, is someone who is dependable, loyal, unchanging, like a family pet that it doesn't matter how often or how are it gets kicked it'll always set up and wag it's tail at the sight of it's abuser, ready for more.

I note you didn't respond to my points regarding the following,

the 1984 Taxpayers bailout of AIB,
the M50 toll bridge,

Heres another couple,

the idiotic blasphemy law,
the 1 billion Taxpayer compensation payment for the victims of clerical sex abuse,

To misquote a good friend of mine, no one held a gun to the heads of the bankers saying lend enormouse amounts to sub prime borrowers. Do it, Lend it now!

You may vote for your "local candidate", thats your decision and right.

I always thought that when peope refered to their "local candidate" they where embarrassed and ashamed of voting for that "local candidate" and didn't want to admit it. ;)

As for local politics, you've hit the nail on the head, elevating local politics to the same level as national politics is insane.

Your local candidate may have fixed the potholes in your road but look in your pocket, see that gaping hole where your hard earned cash use to be?, ask any local candidate who crosses your door how they intend to fix that. If it's a Fianna Fail or Green candidate ask them to apologise for making the hole in the first place.

Better yet tape it on your mobile and post it on utube.

You are right, Enda is a complete yoke. Then again he has yet to drive the economy so far into the ground, that it will take generations to recover. He couldn't do much worse then the incumbents.

As for not sitting around just bitching, healthy debate is the sign of a thriving democracy, suppression of freedom is not a good thing.

I havn't sat around, in fact, I'm doing real well, better then ever, thank you very much.

I was where you are now back in '03, bad time, you will get throught it.

I switched industries and worked my way back up the ladder, it's easier the second time round.

So I'll continue to point out that the emperor has no clothes because really the Irish have a real hard time speaking out when things are not right and We should both take your advice to get off our hineys and change things for the better.

vaughan said...

"Like a family pet who's been kicked..." glad you're not trying to be insulting!

It won't take generations to repay..the economy will recover quicker than that...however you should be see you're doing better than ever you must prepare for the great Irish tradition ......begrudgery...yes as you make money all those twats who boasted about the size of their house or the engine size of their third car...will now bitch, moan and complain "How come he's doing so well? Why doesn't he pay more tax?"
As for myself I have many projects underway to try to get out of this mess...that's what you have to of these projects will involve making the Colonel a Feature film star.....what could possibly go wrong!

Civilian Overseer said...

Mr.V, again with the defensiveness, I was merely stating how your good qualities, namely, loyality and faithfulness where being abused by people that where completely unworthy of such trust. I never inferred that you where a dumb mutt. You are really going to have to give up being such a glass half empty guy.

Anyhow, I take your silence on the many various points of Fianna Fail's misdemeanours, as acceptance of their crimes against the state.

It won't take generations to repay?, really, have We cleared the 1984 400million bailout of AIB yet?

Moving on, Moving on, mind the blood pressure, As for begrudgers, well, I profoundly believe in living by an old Irish saying as related to me by my Father many years ago in the days of my youth.

Fuck the begrudgers.

I advise everyone reading this post to take onboard this advice.

As for a Whopper movie, well..., I would have to admit that I would pay good money to see such a thing.

Have you seen what those Finnish guys who made a five minute trailer featuring Space Nazis, got funding and are now releasing the movie as Iron Skies later this year.

It can be done.

vaughan said...

Listen we are in the middle of seeking the finances....from America....this could happen..."Aiee giant mecha Creedon,run save yourselves!"

matedch said...

I believe Vaughan should script this:

Constance said...

Sage words, Civvy.

Anonymous said...

*Yawn* take it to lads!!

Civilian Overseer said... me balls. This is where I rant and this is where Connie quakes at my mighty ascertations and Mr.V trembles at my corrections of his idiotic theories, (no offence Mr.V, its just you're often very, very work). Not to mention that Yankee Lawyer fella. No the good Colonel provides me a comfortable soapbox to rave from. If he was here and not propping up his old mate, Mubarak he'd agree, he'd better agree I know about that Asian hooker. As I'm sure everyone else will agree with me. ;)

Constance said...

Look here, Civvy - don't go getting me into trouble! I've never even SEEN your "might ascertations" and I feel certain if I had that I wouldn't be quaking at them!

Also: are we talking about the blonde haired Asian hooker?

Civilian Overseer said...

don't go getting me into trouble!

Ah Connie, I bet you say that to all the boys. ;)

As for your reaction to my "mighty ascertations", Well, I'm too much of a gentleman to say what you'd really be doing upon first introduction but I am quite certain that whatever the mental image that has suddenly leaped into your head upon reading this is far, far, worse than anything that I could possibly imagine. ;)

Now, now, simmer down!, don't deny it and please don't share the product of your vivid imagination with us, after all, children may read this blog. ;)

Are we talking about the blonde haired Asian Hooker?, that depends, I was talking about the dead one...

Civilian Overseer said...

Connie, appears to be suffering an attack of shock & awe. ;)

I did warn you.

Constance said...

Constance isn't here right now. If you leave a message, she'll get back to you just as soon as the Puppy Bowl and Super Bowl are over AND she's recovered from the vodka and junk food hangover.

Civilian Overseer said...

Message for Connie, Experiencing this half time show sober is soooo lammmmme.

Constance said...


Well, there were only clips of the Puppy Bowl, I couldn't get the live streaming to work for the game, my team lost, I didn't see the halftime show, and I only had one drink.

I'm afraid any response I might make would at this point be, to use the parlance, "phoned in."

So... Here's a few topics for you to use to talk amongst yourselves:

1) Bollocks
2) Hookers
3) Charlie Sheen
4) Jack Donaghy
5) Bottoms
6) Justin Bieber
7) Sarah Palin
8) Ugg Boots


Lieutenant General Creedon said...

No. Sorry, that you take the comments way off course here.