Tuesday, May 19, 2009

STAR TREK is resurrected!

*** No Spoilers ***

While not regarded as the pinnacle of science-fiction itself; the original series of Star Trek has always been heralded as great television and inspired one of first and largest cult followings ever. As it was created before the age of digital technology [hell, it was created practically before what we now refer to as technology], when one looks at it now, it can now look and feel incredibly dated. The fondness Star Trek inspires throughout all who grew up with it, or discovered it later in life is easy to explain: The original series continued longevity [some of which carried over into later incarnations, but not to the same extent], is owed in most part- not necessarily to the quality of it's plots, special effects, "futuristic" technology or even it's vaunted Utopian vision of our future - although those all do play some roles, no - it is in fact the dynamic relationship between "the big three" characters, Capt. James T. Kirk, Mr. Spock and Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy.

Captain Kirk was the quintessential hero, brave, brash and never afraid at just shooting at his problems. Spock was the antithesis of this, eminently logical, a voice of reason a perfect foil to Kirk's gung-ho attitude. Dr. McCoy was a gel that held them together, passionate and compassionate adding a touch of reality to the situation. This dynamic was at the core of all the best episodes of the series and the better of the six movies that featured them. While the writers can claim some credit for this, it was the actors themselves, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and the late DeForest Kelley that breathed the true life into the characters.

When J.J.Abrams, a somewhat controversial choice for a director of a proposed new Star Trek movie, was hired to rejuvenate the dead franchise after the damage caused by Rick Berman and the complete failure of the final two Next Generation movies toppled the Trek house of cards prematurely bringing the brilliant Enterprise series to an end; it sent ripples of discord throughout Star Trek fandom. Even worse was that Abrams intended to swim naked through a sacred pool – the pool from which the original series itself was spawned and - shock-horror recast Kirk, Spock, Bones and the crew with new young actors and touch on the character's Starfleet Academy days.

Not long after it went into pre-production Abrams "came out" by admitting he wasn't a Trekkie. The Internet came alive with chatter, there were angry cries, forum-wars, letter campaigns and suicide bombers* all with Abrams in their sights! Even in my own circle of friends, a circle constructed almost entirely of Trekkies, some were simple naysayers or those that were convinced that Abrams would "rape their childhood"**. I on the other hand, was delighted. If someone was to revitalise this dead franchise, it was someone with the drive, ambition and vision of J.J. Abrams and I'd have chosen him over Straczynski or Whedon any day of the week***. Sure he's produced a whole of of shite in his day like Felicity, Six Degrees, Cloverfield but I loved Alias [well the earlier seasons], I think Fringe is coming together as one of the better shows on TV now and you know what I thought of his feature film directorial debut- Mission Impossible 3 [I was "too late" to watch Lost - perhaps some day...] and all I asked was that people trust my judgement that it'll be Fuckin' - A, but some still weren't convinced even after seeing the trailers.

I'm delighted to say, that after seeing the movie, no less than 4 ardent naysayers [I'm still waiting on a few others] have contacted me to directly apologise for doubting [Brian ran across a busy road, almost getting nailed by a bus to prostrate himself at my feet begging for absolution****]. Whether it was doubting my judgement or J.J.'s ability, I was right, I always am - it's a blessing but also a curse. Almost riding on a celestial manifestation of my supreme confidence in J.J. Abrams - Star Trek is a hit, world over earning almost $150m domestically [please correct this in the comments if you've an updated figure], he got the most important thing right, the characters - specifically Kirk, Spock and Bones who have been born to a new generation of fans embodied by Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban respectively. They are quite different but yet so familiar - I was truly impressed.

Most of the remainder of the aspects of what J.J. created exceeded even my own expectations, which were pretty high. The standard of the rest of the cast was extraordinary, especially Bruce Greenwood as Captain Pike. The quality of effects were outstanding from the opening shots of the destruction of the USS Kelvin to the parting shot of the reimagined Enterprise. Michael Giacchino provided an enchanting, sublime and perfect score. A dynamic, faithful and of course humorous [when it had to be] screenplay was borne magnificently by all players.

There are three issues however, which detract from the experience, denying it a coveted *****+ rating.
A very minor contention is Abrams' direction; there was a few too many lens-flares [something which he admitted himself], a bit too much shakey-cam and his characters were filmed at some very odd angles and inconsistently framed - I'm not blaming the DP for any of these, this is all J.J. - 5-Star producer 3?-Star director.
Something else that was a bit distracting was that Simon Pegg, while extremely funny, is not and will never be Scotty; everyone else turned themselves into their character but Pegg has turned Scotty into, well - Simon Pegg. I love the guy on screen but he's so wrong here - I'm wishing they went with Paul McGillion instead for Scotty and give a rewritten TFHC [Totally Fuckin' Hilarious Cameo] instead to Pegg as the Starfleet Academy barracks officer in McGillion's place. Sorry Simon, there was enough humour injected into this already without you trying to out-funny Star Trek IV.
Oh and finally, the plot was complete nonsense, but that's never bothered me too much :p

This Star Trek ranks below Star Trek II and on par with Star Trek VI. But comparing it to existing Trek movies is not entirely fair as it's so different. I went into this film with an open mind. There was a time when I would have yelled "heresy" myself at seeing uniforms / insignia / ship designs / technology that were out of alignment with established canon and would be forced to write letters into the Star Trek magazine explaining why these things are. But now to me, they're just all part of some new incredible background art. They're not important to be right or "Star Trek real", it's just important that they look good on screen and should be a problem only for the art director. So leave your cannon at the door people and accept this for what it is - a reboot, but with added Nimoy :)

A sequel is not only confirmed - they started writing in March. But anything can happen now: Antino Banderas as Kahn? The Mirror Universe? The City On The Edge of Forever with Megan Fox in Joan Collins' role? Or give everyone what they always dreamed - Kirk eradicates the entire Borg Collective from history after handing Q his own ass - BOOYAH! Yes my friends - the sky's the limit...

Final Verdict: Wheather you're a die-hard Trekkie or you wonder why a pediatrician is in a Sci-Fi movie, you should still see Star Trek- it's designed, built and was launched as a blockbuster to shatter the Final Frontier of Star Trek movies eschewing the edicts of standard canon to bring Trek itself where no fan has gone before: into a cinema with non-fans. Trust me. You'll like it.

Colonel Creedon Rating: *****

*Artisic exaggeration.
** OK, None of them actually said that quote, but I read it a lot when reading about Michael Bay and George Lucas and it's time Abrams had it associated with his name now after what he's accomplished. Think of it as a badge of honour.
***Did you see the later Babylon 5 "movies" did you see Firefly - those creators were considered for Trek? Hell no!
**** There was no traffic at that moment and he didn't actually kneel


Douglas Kastle said...

Hmmm glad you liked it. I enjoyed it as well, I was really surprised by the humour, and it fit well.

You give Straczynski too much of a hard time on his universe. I many times tried to come up with an interesting story arc in that world, you can't the B5 story is just too big every thing else is pants no matter what it is.

At the end of the day most of the extended universe of star wars feels like this, if they don't have jedis, smugglers or bounty hunters they got nothin'!

You can come up with a multitude of story ideas in the star trek universe, just point 5 degrees right and warp speed ahead, Not that I read much of it I like the idea of Peter Davids New Frontier stuff. Why not put together another crew and shamelessly milk the universe created.

I am looking forward to a sequel I just hope they don't go off and just try and retell all the old stories, this one with Kahn, this one city on the edge of forever, or as I read some where the one where the squire of gothos dances with gracie the whale.

Remember Spider-Man 3....

Bruce Russell said...

Firefly was great, I don't know what you're talking about.

I agree with your quibbles concerning this new Trek, for the most part, but wasn't as put off by Montgomery Pegg as you were. The main thing that bugged me was


eye-way idn't-day ock-Spay elf-say estruct-day is-hay uture-fay ip-shay o-say e-thay ed-ray atter-may idn't-day all-fay to-inay e-thay ands-hay of-ay ero-Nay, o-say ero-Nay ouldn't-cay estroy-day e-thay lanet-pay ulcan-Vay?



Civilian Overseer said...

Bruce, honestly your Pig Latin is barbaric. ;)Iway ancay arelybay understandway itway.Have not seen the movie yet,

Presumable he did not know what would happen next?

Bruce Russell said...

@Civvy- Well, obviously I speak (and write) the Appalachian Pig Latin dialect.

Civilian Overseer said...

Bruce Pax, 'twas a joke, pig latin by it's very nature is barbaric. ;)

Bruce Russell said...

Would you expect anything less from the man whose "Latin" name in high school latin class was "Barbatus"? We were allowed to pick from a list, that one started with a "B," and I just liked the ring of it. Thus, for four years during second period, exit Bruce, enter Barbatus!

Civilian Overseer said...

Bruce, Seriously, You called yourself "Bearded"?,

You could use it in the form of a family cognomnen as was the fashion in Rome,

So you'd be Bruce Russell Barbatus Of course you and every family member would have to grow a big bushy beard for it to make sense. ;)

Hence forth I shall address thee as Barbatus.

As such Barbatus, What would the Colonel's latin name be? may I suggest Nothus it even ryhmes with Pothus, so he's bound to like it.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Doug: Look, after actually watching every episode of Babylon 5 properly within the past 12 months, I can admit the "hard time" I gave the man was rather unjustified but only up until Season 5 when it completely fell apart.I acknowledge that the network gave him an extra year to do something but did the man have a brain-fart for Season 5?, all the movies and Crusade were nonsense too - no where near the standard of what he began with.

if they don't have Jedis, smugglers or bounty hunters they got nothin'! - You forgot Clones and Droids and with those five character "classes" you can create endless adventures. If you get bored with one, there's still 4 others to explore. Lucas is God, he knew what he was doing.

As for the new Trek retelling old stories - I'm for it so long as the do it uniquely and as different as Ron Moore made his BSG. You want to see Kirk vs. The Borg too - admit it :)

@ Bruce: Sorry man, I know exactly what I'm talking about [as always]. I watched the pilot and the first few episodes. It was enough. I'm glad Mr. Baldwin found Chuck later.

Your "code" was easy to decipher [according to my in-house NSA cryptographers - the answer is simple. The method of time travel the "black hole", renders the humanoid or vulcanoid body unconscious for a few moments on exit. It was during this time Nero captured his ship.

@ Civvy. That's a negative on liking the Latin insults. Interestingly UNETIDA network names are always in Latin and is I'm Colonel Fortis!

Constantina said...

1) Firefly: Might not have been great, and you may hate the fans, but the show WAS good. Satisfying. Perhaps you have to have more grounding in American culture to "get" it.

2) Nathan Fillion is now starring in "Castle" where he plays a cocky, self-assured ladies' man who is a crime author. Or, as he says "writer of wrongs." I thought it was going to be awful. It was just awful enough!

3) Adam Baldwin's character in "Firefly" is not a huge jump away from Casey in "Chuck". Please.

4) My name already is Latin. So there!

Civilian Overseer said...

Colonel surely Colonel Mortis would be more fitting.

Constantina, I agree, I found Firefly to be very entertaining. Unlike the Colonel, who has no such grounding in American culture.

Bruce Russell said...

@Colonel Fortis- I find your explanation concerning Spock's actions (or lack thereof) to be most logical, and therefore, satisfactory.

As for Firefly/Serenity, I'm sorry you didn't care for it, and am somewhat surprised by this. However, that's why they make both chocolate AND vanilla ice-cream. As for me, I liked Firefly better than BSG or any Trek except TOS and DS9. Of course, I'm also a fan of Westerns.

@Constantina- That name . . . Can't you just hear it: "OK, boys, get that cash ready, and let's give it up for Constantina, making her way to the main stage!!!"

Constantina said...


First of all, I have been banned from said stage due to all the heart attacks for which I have been responsible.

Second of all, if I hadn't been banned... You don't make enough.

Third of all, does your wife know that you are conversant with such, let us call it, "lingo"?

Fourthly and most importantly: That is the name the priest baptized me with. And, as today is the day of Saints Constantine and Helen, it is my Name Day. The day of my saint. Clearly my guardian angel is looking out for me and giving me a HUGE laugh (at your expense, Bruce!) for a present!

Bruce Russell said...

@Constantina- Let's just say I've done some things in my past of which I am not proud. However, Like Bill Munny, "I ain't a bad man no more."

"I ain't like that no more. I ain't the same, Creedon. Shannon, she straightened me up, cleared me of drinkin' whiskey and sworpin' and all. Just 'cause we're goin' on this here alien-fryin' thing, that don't mean I'm gonna go back to bein' the way I was. I just need the money, get a new start for this youngster. CiarĂ¡n, you remember that ecdysiast I tossed the handful of ones at and made it look like it was rainin' cash before she got tackled by the other girls who made her look like she had on the ol' Irish mascara? I think about her now and again. She didn't do anything to deserve to get taunted with those ones, at least nothin' I could remember when I sobered up."

Yes, I really do love the Westerns, especially when they feature the immortal Clint Eastwood, to whom I owe profound apologies for the "quote" above.

Bruce Russell said...

And Creedon, *snicker*, still no, *tee-hee*, bathrooms on the *snort* Enterprise! Bwah-ha-ha!

vaughan said...


Sorry but I dislike Firefly and I tell you why ...Joss Whedon! You like westerns! and there's no shame in that,I too love a good western , why only this week I obtained (through the good Colonel) Jerry Fieldings score for the Outlaw Josey Wales (Would you believe the Colonel has never heard it!?!?!) , However here in Ireland as I'm sure the Colonel or Douglas will tell you (Hello Douglas) Irish Television in the eary eighties on a saturday afternoon was taken up with either Andy Hardy films or classic American Westerns such as The High Chapperal , Maverick, the Virginian ,Wyatt Earp, Bonanza, Chuck Connors ( ah yes every kid wanted Tin Can Alley as advertised by Chuck Connors) etc, etc (Strangely though never Gunsmoke!)It was that or you had to watch Sports Stadium for three and a half hours!!!
So when Firefly came out I tried to watch an episode at the Colonels House and I realised it was a rip off ,I then proceeded to watch every episode when it appeared on the Sci Fi channel and discovered that every episode was in some way "Inspired" by an episode of one of those shows that I mentioned above....and that's ok but what drove me mad was at every convention I was a guest at , everyone was proclaiming how it was the most original series they had ever seen , that no one had ever seen stories like these before until you point out that the episode with the companions being endangered by an evil rancher is awfully similar to the Last of the Magnificent Seven Sequels or that the basic science of the firefly universe makes no sense and even then they will say "Ah Yes but he's subverting the genre!" No he's ripping it off!
I'm glad you enjoy it though.
As for Trek , the Colonel knows my opinion , I think the series has been set up (Characterisation is perfect except for Pgg)however this movies full title should have been Star Trek the search for Plot!
Seriously though JJ has to go ( What was with the flares?) he is no movie director, this is most obvious when you compare it to Khan which was at the time directed by a man who was considered average and on a budget of barely 12 million ,Just look at the difference, if a film director can be hired than the next Trek will not just be a classic Trek Film but a classic full stop.

Bruce Russell said...

Hey Vaughan, I'm glad that tombstone from Arlington National Cemetary must have been a red herring.

No need to apologize for your thoughts/feelings RE: Firefly. Like I said, there's reasons why they make both chocolate AND vanilla ice-cream.

Your point about the derivative nature of the plots is well-taken. However, at this stage in the game, most of what we see on TV and in the movies HAS been seen before. It's all been done. Now it's just a question of doing it with flair and gusto.

As for ST:WOK, I chalk it up to Beatles syndrome. When John, Paul, George, and Ringo hit back in the early sixties, one of the reasons they went over so big was because there'd never been anything like them. Dig if you will the picture of the latest Trek dropping at your local twin cinema back in 80-whatever. Tell me that it wouldn't make you crap things you never even ate!


vaughan said...


Arlington was a cover story that the Colonel blew with his Holiday "Snaps".Just like the time he blew away the men in my squad in a friendly fire "incident" all the while saying "My what a magnificent gun this is!"

It s nice to meet a fan of firefly who is so reasoned , sometimes you get the feeling to criticise Whedon will bring a crowd of people down upon your head screaming "Kill the unbeliever!"
(I'm sorry but I have a problem with the man ever since I went to the actual Buffy movie way back in september 1992 and then he wrote Alien Resurrection Just to top it off!)
Wrath of Khan though is a truly great movie, there are little asides in it , moments of perfection that Oscar winning films would kill for when it comes to character. The only trek Poster I ever truly liked was Undiscovered country , the rest were fairly generic! It was the idea that was exciting

Bruce Russell said...

Yeah, unlike some folks, I enjoy Firefly, I just don't embrace the "Browncoat" lifestyle. Just saying "Browncoat" in that context (what other context is there?) makes me grimace.

I attended WizardWorld Chicago a few years ago, the big mid-west comic-con put on by Wizard the Comics Magazine. Joss Weedon was there as guest of honor, shortly before the debut of the Serenity feature film. You can just imagine the sort of Weedon Morlocks who crawled up from the sewers for that show. Yowza!

Weedon himself seemed like a decent bloke. Face to face away from a large group, he didn't seem too different from the people I hung out with in college. I told him a story about overhearing a fan, in reference to being just a few yards away from the man responsible for Buffy, etc., remark upon how "unbelievable" it was "to be in the same room as God." He grimaced, plated tongue firmly in cheek, and said something quippy about how he's always thought of himself as more of a Christ-figure.

Also, he earned big points with me when I ran into him on the con floor buying up old issues of Marvel Team-Up. You know, the book that ran from the '70's to the '80's, in which Spider-Man teamed-up with a different Marvel character or characters each month. Fun stuff. As a bonus, he told me his favorite issue of MTU is the one where Spidey joins forces with Kitty Pryde of the X-Men. I was, of course, deeply in love with the youngest of the X-men at the time that issue dropped. of course, that makes what he did to her in his X-men run with Cassaday (the best run on the book since Claremont and Smith in the '80's, in my book) even more inexcusable, but I digress . . .

Turning off Memory Lane, I don't think Weedon would have done a bad job with Trek, but it certainly would've been different from this film. Also, he probably would've killed off Sulu or something. He does stuff like that, you know.

For the record, Wrath of Khan is maybe my favorite movie of all time. I'm sure some of that regard springs from having seen it with my dad at the Richlands Twin Cinema in '82 on its initial theatrical run, when I was a wee lad of seven. I'm told Dad took me to see Star Trek; TMP some years earlier, but I have no memory of this, except maybe some vague recall of young me wondering what the heck was going on with Spock flying through V'Ger's brain. My point is that ST:TWOK was my first experience with big-screen Trek, and really, It was everybody's first experience with big, exciting on-screen Trek. If that film had never existed, and through the magic of time-travel the new Trek movie were transported to 1982 to unspool across the nation's multiplexes, we might hold it in a similar place of reverence. Granted, there is nothing in the new movie that packs the same emotional wallop of Spock's death and funeral, but the new film isn't that kind of movie.

Kind of a long-winded way to say "I agree with you Vaughan," eh?

You know, sometimes I feel like Grandpa Simpson when I start trying to make a point in these things: "Yes, it was back in ought-six when we chased the Irish out of Springfield. I was wearing an onion in my belt, 'cause it was the syle in those day . . . " Yeesh!

Well, I'd better step out on the deck of my yacht to watch the Monico Grand Prix unfold on the streets of this famed principality. And by "step out on the deck of my yacht," I mean "walk into my living room," and by "watch the Monico Grand Prix unfold on the streets of this famed principality," I mean "check out Speed TV's coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix."

BTW- My word verification for this post was "hellimp." Spooky!

Constance said...

Messrs. Vaughn and Russell:

Ya'll two got me and Civvy beat for the back and forth. So here is a topic for your next set of essays. In your own words please, 250 words or more: Why is it that normal humans venerate other humans to the extent that they do? Wheedon love, Lucas love, Madonna love (I know people who have gone into debt following that woman around)... So, why?

Also, I'm going to see the movie with my daddy this afternoon. And I'm old enough to have seen the original Star Wars in the movie theater and remember it. So put your teeth back in and chew on that, Grandpa!

Bruce Russell said...

I'll have more to say on this later, but the source of, as you call it, "Lucas love" is the divine spring that flows from his perfect divine brain. Lucas IS love!

Civilian Overseer said...

Barbatus If Lucas is Love, how does one account for Jar-Jar?

Connie Damn Right, Gents Adopt a Twitter limit or get a room!

Constance said...

Speaking of getting a room, did any of you notice that Uhura bore a striking resemblance to the singer Ciara? no, not Ciara. "See-Air-ah"

Bruce Russell said...

Isn't it "See-Air-uh"?

Constance said...

Same damn difference, Mr. Difficult!

(my word is shist!)

vaughan said...

I Would limit my word count but...I can't be arsed!!! Please don't mentiom ...(whisper) twitter around the Colonel , do you seriously want to get constant updates from the colonel I can picture it now a constant list of.....

"Just polishing my guns."

"Still polishing my guns."

"Went for crap then polished my guns a bit more!"

"Wish I had more guns."

Civilian Overseer said...

Esteemed Vaugin, You are quite correct the Colonel does like his Guns, I rather imagined that the Colonel would ramble on somewhat like this,

"Gunned down unarmed civilians""Collected Medal""Sent men to thier deaths, needlessly""Collected another Medal"Renewed NRA MembershipShot Servant"Collected another Medal"Watched Tora, Tora Tora"Yee Wah!""Suppressed information on the Osprey flight safety record""Ate a whole taco""Fired wildly into the sky"Or some such... ;)

Bruce Russell said...

"Continued drinking heavily to help silence the screams of the men I've sent to their deaths over the years."

"3 o'clock: time for Wapner!"

"Just received intelligence update from family of friendly squirrels down the street: the sparrows strike at dawn!"

"Time to 'salute' the 'Little Colonel,' if you catch my drift. *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*"

"Wait, what'd you think I was talking about?"

Constance said...

Checked hair, still handsomeNo, strike that, still *Devastatingly Gorgeous*I wasn't wrong about handsome per se, I just realized the truth was more extreme than I previously reported.

Bruce Russell said...

@Civvy- Jar-jar was going to be the Christ figure of the Star Wars films, until Lucas realized that people "liked" Christ.

@Constance- You heard the film version of Creedon's life is going to be called "Man-tasia," didn't you?

Civilian Overseer said...

Barbatus Jar-Jar was supposed to be the Christ figure?, does that mean that Jar-Jar is the son of Lucas?...., wait a minute did you just Jedi mind trick me!

Connie, The Colonel's autobiography is titled, "Genocide for Dummies, One Life at a time".

Constance said...

Oh Bruce. Always awful. If the Colonel's biopic is called "Man-tasia," I demand to be played by Justin Timberlake. I hear he's bringing sexy back.

As for you Civvy: yikes.

And you Vaughan: Aren't you the one who bought him that horrible blam blam thingy from some fair?

vaughan said...

Has anyone noticed the Colonel hasn't posted in awhile...hmmm..funny that, still some one had to get that info about the new Commie Bomb!

I will be immediately copyrighting the mispelling of my name..I like the sound of it

"Vaugin , the gin that just doesn't quite satisfy!"

Prehaps I did but I will deny everything and you should have seen the childlike joy in his eyes. However not half as impressive as when he got the K BAR and gladly posed with it between his teeth....hang on I just realised i'm encouraging him....what have I done....WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!

Bruce Russell said...

@Constance- If he is, as you say, bringing sexy back, who among us will know how to act?

Constance said...


Civvy told me that Vaughan told him that his cousin's sister's best friend said Sith Apologist is a "sexy beast."

But that's just what I heard.

Lieutenant General Creedon said...

@ Constantina: Firefly: Might not have been great, and you may hate the fans, but the show WAS good. Satisfying.. - Hmmm, perhaps I'll actually subject myself to the whole thing during the summer drought and make a more informed decision.

@ Civvy: I found Firefly to be very entertaining. Unlike the Colonel, who has no such grounding in American culture. - Yes I do, I watched Dusty's Trail and F-Troop on Saturday mornings from the time I was 4. Swivel on it.

@ Bruce: I find your explanation concerning Spock's actions (or lack thereof) to be most logical, and therefore, satisfactory. - I have an "in-universe" explanation for everything. I did it for years, I've still got it dude!

And Creedon, *snicker*, still no, *tee-hee*, bathrooms on the *snort* Enterprise! Bwah-ha-ha! - Lucas! Don't you start!

I don't think Weedon would have done a bad job with Trek, but ... he probably would've killed off Sulu or something. - Like Ron Moore would have if given the chance? :)

@ Vaughan: Seriously though JJ has to go - Only as a director, yes perhaps, but he MUST remain as producer for at least the next two movies. I'd fear for the franchise without his creative vision. But yes, keep him away from the actual set during filming :)

Just like the time he blew away the men in my squad in a friendly fire "incident" all the while saying "My what a magnificent gun this is!" - Lucas! Can't you forget that? It was so long ago. Naturally I'm going to shoot at shifty looking army-types that creep about unannounced in my line of fire and ask who they are only after the fact. Yelling something about "blue on blue" "friendly fire" and "stop firing you idiot, you're killing my men" is only going to make me want to be damn sure there's no remaining evidence of this "mishap", which is the only reason I'm typing this from the Bunker and not Fort Leavenworth.

Still: taking down 4 men at 200yds with one clip from a Glock17 9mm is still a pretty impressive record, even if all it does earn me is a few "muffled giggles" in the mess hall...

I have a problem with [Whedon] ever since I went to the actual Buffy movie way back in September 1992 and then he wrote Alien Resurrection Just to top it off! - Fair enough but he did write the Buffy series which was easily the best written show on television in its day - the Character of the town Mayor was written the best:

Graduation day speech: "Journey's end. And what is a journey? Is it just distance traveled? Time spent? No, it's what happens on the way. It's the things that shape you. At the end of the journey, you're not the same. Today is about change. Graduation doesn't just mean your circumstances change, it means you do. You ascend to a higher level. Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing."
[pauses as he begins changing into a demon]
"And so, as we look back on... on the events that have brought us to this day... we-we must all- AHH. It has begun, my destiny. It's a little sooner than I expected. I had this whole section on civic pride, but, I guess we'll just skip to the big finish."
[Proceeds to attempt to eat everybody]


@ Constance: Why is it that normal humans venerate other humans to the extent that they do? Wheedon love, Lucas love, Madonna love (I know people who have gone into debt following that woman around)... So, why? - Was there some reason why I was not on that list? Have I not brought you all together in love here? Your lives would be quite meaningless without being able to comment here about me and what I write. To be honest - there's no greater answer to your question.

And with that, I'll leave this thread as it has expanded too far beyond Star Trek and encroaching onto my sleep time.

On and - No, I'm not getting a twitter - practically everything I'd say would have to be redacted rendering it practically useless.

And - My biography will be entitled: "CREEDON: A Patriot's Sacrifice For The Hell We Call Earth".

Bruce Russell said...

I'm going to start calling Creedon "Emeril," since he always "kicks it up a notch."

Civilian Overseer said...

Vaughin, you see even my mistakes bring happiness and joy.
Sticking with the Gin theme and paying homage to Trek, may I suggest VGin as another possible misspelling of your name.

Connie, Might I suggest "Getting to the Top (on a pile of corpses)" as a softer, alternative title of the life & times of the ColonelIn addition, I would just like to confirm that Vaugin's cousin's sister's best friend did indeed label my good friend Sithy as a "sexy beast." She also added "it's the Red Light Sabre, Chicks dig the Red Light Sabre". Colonel"Yes I do, I watched Dusty's Trail and F-Troop on Saturday mornings from the time I was 4. Swivel on it." Weak, Mein Freund, Very Weak. I notice you do not mention Bonnaza or the Littlest Hobo. This makes you practically a Commie.

As for the kind offer to "swivel on it", I believe We've had this conversation one drunken night in college, I wasn't interested then and years later I find my position unchanged. I must graciously decline your advance and encourage you to find your happiness elsewhere. Sorry Bud, you just ain't my type. ;)

Constance said...

oh, and I disagree with you on the Scotty casting. It was gooood. I have a big crush on Simon Pegg.

OH... My... GAWD!!! You are never going to believe what my word verification is... READING!!!!

Bruce Russell said...

Weird. My word verification for this post was "isfundamental".

Constance said...

How many times did you have to hit reload to get that one?